Backup not possible on Mac devices (ok on Dropbox and NAS)

Hi and thank you. I still cannot get Roon to find the path to save a backup to any apple product. Be it my ok’d Mac mini or my new iMac with M1 chip. It saves to Dropbox, my synology NAS, and to an external drive connected to Roon Rock with no issues.

Hey @Jason_Finn,

Thank you so much for letting us know of this. To be better able to help you, I’ve moved your post to this new thread.

Could you please let us know what device are you using as a Core? Does this machine see your Mac mini or iMac outside of Roon?

Is there a way of getting a screenshot of the error you’re seeing?

Here’s how I’ve done this (core on Ubuntu Linux server, backup to Mac):

  1. Created a separate “Roon Backups” account on the Mac, let’s call it “safe.local” for the sake of discussion, with home folder “roonbackups” and (important Roon requirement) an alphanumeric-only password.
  2. Used the Sharing System Preference on the Mac to enable file sharing and to set “roonbackups” as a shared folder.
  3. Create a folder “RoonBackups” under “roonbackups”.
  4. Enable backups in Roon Settings to \safe.local\roonbackups>RoonBackups", with the password given in 1.

I got it to work. I needed to add Read and Write permissions for the Music folder that the RoonBackups are in.


Hey @Jason_Finn,

Thanks for sharing! That’s awesome :partying_face:

I’m thankful for the effort you put in to sort this out :pray: