Backup size question

I recognize that this question gets asked periodically, but here we go. I backup my Roon database to Dropbox. It appears to be working as desired, I can see my backups in Roon, though thankfully I’ve never had to use one. I don’t sync those Dropbox backups back to any machines in order to preserve local disk space. However, I noticed that my computer at work runs very slowly with Dropbox turned on. Turns out my terabyte of Dropbox space is almost half full and I couldn’t figure out why. Lo and behold, I see that almost 450 GB of that is Roon backups. I do have 10 backups saved, which I think is probably excessive. I get that the Roon DB is several GB, but even x 10, this shouldn’t be half a terabyte, should it? My library is roughly 55k tracks, about 1/3 local files, 2/3 Tidal/Qobuz (mostly Tidal). Any thoughts to how to figure out what is going on here or possible solutions (other than to delete oldest backups and edit backup schedule not to save so many)? Cheers!

Delete the 8 oldest backups.

Probably not due to the size of used DropBox space.

You would only need that many if you are making changes on a daily basis and you suspect you won’t notice a problem for ten days.

Hi @kneville,

Do you have your Dropbox account syncing with your work computer? If you disable this do things speed up?

I don’t have anything truly objective to support it, but yes, things seem to speed up without the Dropbox app running. I’ve stopped using Dropbox as a backup and deleted all the backups within Roon, but there are still 300+ GB in the Roon Backups folder in my Dropbox. Typical? Thanks!

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