Backup status differences

When I look at ‘Backup Status’ under Backups in settings, it tells me that the last successful backup was the 9th September. If I then look under ‘Scheduled Backups’, the last line tells me that the last successful backup was the 11th October. I haven’t checked the dates in the folder but I can do that later. The question is, why the difference?
PS. I have just checked the folder and it is indeed the 11th October. The ‘Backup Status’ is obviously wrong.

Moved to #support from #uncategorized. It would help if you could describe what you are using for Roon Core and remotes

Core is an Innuos Zenith and endpoints are Naim NSC222, Uniti Atom HE and QB2.

And remote? It’s the remote that’s eventually displaying the the date. Just to be sure that Roon support has all the info they might need.

(Congrats on the NSC222 :slight_smile: )

By remote, I assume you mean the gadget that I drive Roon with?
Mainly my Windows PC but I also use my iPad.
Yes, the 222 is a fabulous piece of equipment. So is the Zenith. Transformed my system.

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This looks to me like nested backup locations.

PS: Usually needs emptying the backup location and deleting and then setup the scheduled backup anew in Roon to fix.

Have done this. Will keep an eye on it for the next week or so. Many thanks

I’ve let this run for a while and it is still showing the two dates. What seems to be happening is that the entry under ‘Backup Status’ is showing the original root folder date created by the first backup and the date shown under ‘Scheduled Backups’ is the very latest backup stored within that root folder. I think this needs a little work.

Feel free to post a screenshot to show others what you are talking about, maybe this creates understanding and someone might come up with an explanation.

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Hi @Tim_Green,
Can you send a screenshot of your backup location? Specifically, we need the folder called /RoonBackups.

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Have attached three screenshots;

  1. Backup main window.
  2. Schedule subwindow
  3. Location of backup folder
    As you can see, the dates differ. These backups were made with a new schedule into an empty folder on my NAS.

These two belong together:

The last successful backup timestamp for scheduled backups is shown in its respective sub-window:


Notes: While you can certainly use “Backup now” to create a backup in the same location that is used for scheduled backups, I personally would advise against it because this practice is prone to errors (choosing the wrong folder once might lead to nested, broken backups) and creating false expectations as in your case.
If you want to create an additional backup out of order into the same folder as the scheduled ones, you can do that from the 3-dots menu in the details window of the scheduled backup.


Use the “Backup now” functionality only if you want to create an independent (from any scheduled backup) and complete backup into a different folder. Using it in this way can also help in avoiding false expectations as the backup path location is shown besides the “last successful backup” timestamp, making it hopefully clear that the one seen on the main backup page isn’t referring to any scheduled backup (location).

Having cleared the backup folder completely, there have now been two distinct four-day backups. These are clearly shown within the folder as being 30th October and 4th November: there are no other dates shown at all in the backup folder.
Roon is reporting 14th October in the Backup Status and 4th November under the View tab.
I have not used ‘Backup Now’.
It is now quite clear that the Backup Status date is not correct.

As has been pointed out already, the “Backup status” is showing the last time that you used “Backup now” to do a manual backup - it has nothing to do with the status of your Scheduled backups.

The last time a “Scheduled backup” was run is shown on the “Scheduled backups” screen.

See here for an example - I’ve used the same backup location for both manual and scheduled backups, and you can see that the times are different:

Using the Backup manager (shown when you click the “Clean/Restore” option of the “3 dots” menu in “Scheduled backups”), you can see the last two entries: one taken during the night by the Scheduled backup function running and the manual backup I took this morning.

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I understand.
May I suggest however, that the statement ‘Backup Status’ does seem to indicate backup status and not ‘Manual Backup Status’. It confused me and I suggest it could confuse others. If the Scheduled Backup has it’s own status indicated, it would be more helpful for the manual backup to be in a similar sub window with it’s own discrete status.
Thanks for your patience :slightly_smiling_face:

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