Backups Failing on Nucleus

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I don’t have one and wouldn’t know how to set it up, sorry.

I got into Roon, and the Nucleus in particular, because of my lack of computer knowledge. I just want as close to plug-n-play as possible with computer audio. Now, the Nucleus is not simple plug-n-play (how could it be, it’s a computer!) but it’s fairly straight forward to set up with help from the forum. I’m very pleased with it, although I need to work out how to do backups because they keep failing. Need to read the KB article.

Once there’s a simple network DAC that goes well with it I’ll be set up for the long haul I expect.

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Suggest you to leave message to @support

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Hello @Woo,

I have split your post over to the support area so that we can assist you better here. Can you please let me know how exactly the backups are failing? Are you presented with an error message in Roon? Where exactly are you saving these backups, to an external USB drive, a NAS or Dropbox?


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Thank you very much for making this thread.

I’ve had the Nucleus for some months now. Initially I was using the Dropbox link that is in the Roon menu, but after setting that up it seemed to be full after one backup.

I set up a new Dropbox account with a free plan. I set the limit of backups to 2. It now says it’s full again and the last succussful backup was 23rd January, and Roon constantly shows a red warning triangle saying I need to do a backup.

Shouldn’t the old backups be overwritten by the new attempts? That seems to not be happening.

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Hello @Woo,

How large is your library? Sometimes for larger libraries with many edits the backups do get to be quite large. To answer your question though, yes the backups should be overwritten but I do wonder if you don’t have enough space available on Dropbox to even create and finish the second backup to it’s natural conclusion.

Have you by any chance looked into physical storage media for your Nucleus? We can look into the dropbox issue further but if you would like to have a much more stable backup experience I would always recommend adding physical storage backup, as this is not limited by Dropbox’s upload speeds or storage constraints. Plugging in a 64GB flash drive into one of the Nucleus’ USB ports will get you this ability.

Another method here would be to set up a NAS to talk to the Nucleus and have the backups saved on the NAS. Or if you don’t have a NAS but you are willing to dedicate some storage space from one of your PCs as a backup location, you can also configure a folder to be shared and accessible from the Nucleus by sharing the folder over the network. Please let me know if any of the above options would be of interest to you and we can help you set those up.


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Thanks for your post.

My library is about 1250 (including TIDAL) albums. Roughly 900 are my own albums stored on an internal 2TB SSD inside the Nucleus. So doesn’t seem to be that big really.

I’m keen to use one of the rear USB sockets for my backups. Would a USB thumb drive be suitable? I don’t have one right now but I could buy one.

  • Just Googled 64gb flash drive and a USB thumb drive was shown, so that’s good.

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Hi @Woo,

Yes, a 64GB flash drive would be suitable for the backup needs. It depends how many backups you wish to have saved at any given point, but if you envision yourself needing extra space, you can always add an external hard drive and leave it connected to the Nucleus, although I do understand it may not be practical in case the Nucleus is rack-mounted or in a tight space.

As I mentioned, there are multiple options available here, but a USB drive would likely be the simplest plug-and-play solution that you can have for your specific case so I would definitely suggest going down that route. After getting one, please be sure to look over our Backup Documentation for instructions on how to point Roon to it and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask!


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I now have the 64gb thumb drive. Will check out the article mentioned, thank you!

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Hi, I’ve been trying to get the USB thumb drive backups to work today, but no luck. I followed the KB article but the backup screen ended up saying ‘invalid path’. The thumb drive appears as an option to select, and I created a new folder in it called RoonBackups but it stil said invalid. Any tips for this please?

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I think it might have worked, I just went back to check it and it doesn’t say ‘invalid path’ anymore. There now seems to be a folder called ‘RoonBackups’ which was created automatically but wasn’t there before. So I guess it’s worked now?

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Just did an immediate Backup and it’s worked. The little red warning symbol has vanished from my Roon pages after being there for the last few months.

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Hello @Woo,

Glad to hear that the USB drive backup worked! From your screenshot it looks like everything is set up as expected and if the backup message went away that’s a good sign :slightly_smiling_face:. Before I go ahead and mark this thread as [Solved], did you have any additional questions or concerns regarding backups?


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Yes, it seems to be all working fine now.

One question though, when it’s says ‘maximum of 10 backups’, will I have to go in and delete some once 10 have been saved or will Roon overwrite the oldest ones?

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Hi @Woo,

Roon should automatically overwrite the oldest backup once you have reached the backup limit, so no action will need to be taken from your end. Hope that helps!


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