Backups "work", restore does not find any

Roon Core Machine

HP Microserver Gen8, XEON E3-1230V2, 16 GB, W10pro 21H2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FritzBox7590, 1GB Ethernet to Core, WiFi to Clients

Connected Audio Devices

Pi4/Allo DigiOne

Number of Tracks in Library

Pretty large

Description of Issue

Backups are carried out as scheduled without any error messages. They do not seem to be accessible, though. See screenshots. Aggregated backups are larger than 120 GB.

Manual Backups do work and can be restored. A current backup is about 17 GB,

I have been running automated backup for years now without realizing there might be a problem.

See attached screenshots.

Your scheduled backup is configured to backup to D:\Backup. So why did you post a screenshot from the properties of D:\Roon? Is that where you pointed the Backup manager to look for backups (hint: they aren’t there)?

I wish it was that simple. I posted this screenshot to show the size of a single manual backup, which I put there. The automatic backup pointed to d:, “Backup” being the volume label, not the directory and not to be confused with subdirectory “Backups” that contains backups not related to roon.

I attached more screenshots to illustrate this. There is a subdirectory at root level holding the files resulting from automated backups, see screenshot. Size is close to 200 GB.

Selecting drive D. as source for restore or housekeeping returns zero results.

Thank you for the clarification. Your new screenshots sadly didn’t make it to the forum, can you please try to upload them again.

From your first screenshot, Roon seems to think that your backups are at the drive level, instead of in your Backups folder.

Perhaps you can click the “3 dots” menu and edit the path to point to the Backups folder?

Maybe that is the issue here. I don’t know the internals of Roon’s program code in place here, but thinking about the fact that the same code based on the .NET framework is used for all supported platforms, using the special case (drive letter) that doesn’t exists in that way on other platforms was probably not wise. Even in Windows the drive letters represent a special case including special rights.

I would try and create a new scheduled backup task, using an actual folder as backup target and see if that works.

That’s actually what I did. Just in case roon backup does not work with a given location it should not allow to create a job that points there. Maybe an item for the bugfixing list.

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