Bad Brightness / Contrast on Android Samsung S6/S9 since update to 913 [Improvements released in build 933]

Hi All,

Roon Build 933 contains some improvements in this area. It may take some time for this build to make it into your respective country’s Google Play store, but once you have updated to 933, do let us know if the issue is fixed on your end, thanks!

Hi Noris, unfortunately it’s still the same on my phone (Galaxy S9 G960F - Exynos 9810)
App unistall made no difference either.


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Are you sure you’re using build 333? I had to update mine manually through Google Play Store. Looks like the issue is fixed here. Thanks Roon team!

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Installed the newest version and everything is back to normal. Haven’t noticed any more issues on my A50. Good work team!

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the same for me on my S9 SM-G960F, it is not fixed

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Hi Noris,

Success! After installing 933 version on my Samsung S6 contrast problem resolved, thanks to all at roon.

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Thanks confrirmng Michael, it looks like 933 build resolved this issue for Exynos 96** processors.
Yours and mind are 98** one.
@noris can you please ask the team to investigate it further, thanks.

Hi, Issue is fixed here!
Exynos 9611 / Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 SM-P610

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Hi @Michael_Schmitt & @JLZ_Heos ,

Sorry to hear that the issue is still ongoing for you. If you have confirmed that you are using build 933 and the issue is the same, can I kindly ask you to upload ADB logs?

Hi Noris, i upload the new Log…

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Hi @Michael_Schmitt / @JLZ_Heos ,

I am discussing your findings with the team, and in addition to the ADB logs, can you please also record a video capture of you using the Roon app with the contrast issue and upload it to the same link and let me know? Thanks!

Hi @noris
Video uploaded

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Just updated rock to 936 and tablet to 935.
Exynos 7870.
No improvement

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Two month have passed.
Still no remedy.

My Samsung S9+ also has the same issue.

Hi All,

Thank you for the feedback here. We have made a change that we hope will help with the issue and this change is scheduled to go out in a Roon release soon.

Please note that we don’t have this device in-house to fully test the change, but since our previous fix helped with Exynos 96XX processors, we are hopeful this new fix will help with Exynos 98XX now as well.

Will the update also fix Exynos 7870?

Hi @noris thank you, but no changes for me with 943

We made a change that we hope will help, but we can’t say for sure.

The fix is not live yet, but hope to have it ready soon.