Band info is off as the band name is the same

I try to rescan a track and the icon looks OK, however the band info is off as the band name is the same.

How can I stop Roon from saying that this is ABBA cover tracks?

The band: Abracadabra
The album: Listen to the Picture.

Hi @Gjermund_Thorsen,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here so we can better assist you?


Hi @Gjermund_Thorsen,

I have reached out to our metadata provider and requested they make a change here. I’ll keep you updated once we hear from them.

Also Ton Vlasman - White Room with Disintegrating Walls 1970 is nowhere to be found. This cover:

Not found in the shops of Tidal and Qobuz, not found on, Title only entry on

Feel free to add the album to a supported metadata supplier. :grinning:

Done, how much time will go by before I can pick this one up inside Roon?