Bandcamp Integration (or just their metadata scraping)

One of my albums has 61 tracks each with an own line-up. I assume I need more than 2 rainy days :-).

It depends on how much of that info is already in track-embedded metadata. But maybe start with some easier cases :wink:

Do you realize you can use a GreaseMonkey script on your browser so that when go to a Bandcamp album page you can click on a button to open the MusicBrainz release editor with the data prefilled, then you just need to do a quick check and submit the new release.

This makes adding a few albums pretty easy, the difficulty is it takes too much time if yo have many albums to add, what would be nice if would be if Bandcamp would provide their metadata as a data dump so it could then be added to MusicBrainz in a more automated fashion.

More details

First you need to install GreaseMonkey addon, I use Firefox but I expect it is also available for Chrome), after installation you’ll see a monkey icon in the top right

Then if you go to bandcamp and search for an album you get a new Import into MB button

Click on it and it will open MusicBrainz Confirm Form Submission page, click Continue

and it will open Add Release (you need to login with free account if not already logged in) with the data filled in for you

Check the details, for example I picked this album at random and it seems it is already in MusicBrainz

so I am not going to add it, but if I wanted to add it just select Enter edit on the Edit Note page


More like “revenue opportunity” for both Bandcamp and Roon.

Yes, that’s the way to go! I always do that for all my Bandcamp purchases (and not only :wink: )

+1 for integration.