Bang Olufsen Future


I have a B&O MasterLink setup that has provided multi room music for over 15 years. And therin lies the problem, I worry that it will stop working some day and unsupported will never work again.

For those that know their products I have a BL3500, BC1, BC26, BV7-40, BL Passive, and a BS3000 as a player.

So I think I am looking for a Roon Endpoint that can output unamplified audio and an adapter that can send it down a ML connector.

Has the hive mind already considered this situation ? Thanks,


iā€™m trying to kickstart a discussion here because the beoworld forums are down. the best advice i have seen is to contact steve at sounds heavenly, but his site is down too. :-p

As far as I can see his site is not down.
He has an extensive catalog of FAQs with links to the relevant videos on YouTube. Or you can approach him directly and ask. He is friendly and helpful.

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I would think of a Raspberry PI as endpoint (eg with ropieee), and a HAT on top with RCA out. From there you can go to the Aux-in of the BS3000. I think you can then use Roon as a source in the BS3000 for your ML Setup.
Steve at Sounds Heavenly will certainly be able to provide you with the right cables

I Have a Beocenter 9500 with the first AV Links, still working after 32 Years !
Iā€™ ve put a Sonos Port on the Aux input, so I have Multiroom for streaming with Roon. Working very well. But I agree, once it stops it will be difficult to make it working again.


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