Basic Integrated Amp / Powered Endpoint

I’m looking for a no-frills Roon-Ready integrated amplifier / powered endpoint for a pair of outdoor speakers. Doesn’t need to accept any inputs other than Roon.

I have a Bluesound Node 2i, and I would be happy to do a Powernode, but I’d love to spend half as much. I also have a HiFiberry Amp2 that was very tinkery and eventually died.

So I would love to be introduced to something in-between…ideally sub-$500 without having to deal with the RPi stuff.


Sonos connect amp. Not native roon but works well enough and you can use Spotify etc.

But I can’t group it with other RAAT endpoints, correct?

No but I thought you wanted for outside?

Yes. Needs to get grouped with an additional patio zone and our family room.

Well if you’d have said :slight_smile:

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What about the Bluesound POWERNODE 2i?

I know the node 2i works well with Roon, I assume the Powernode does too?

Yes. I may end up there. Just twice as much as I would ideally spend in this project. Wanted to see if there was anything else out there at a lower price point.

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I’m looking for something very similar: a powered endpoint for my bathroom in-ceiling speaker. It really does not justify spending much since any kind of sound quality is not going to happen. Just looking for some shower jams. Are there any Rpi solutions that are powered, and could be volume controlled from the app via Roon or Volumio?

HiFiBerry has a Rpi with a small built-in amp. Great value for that size room.

Brilliant! $170 Solution!