Basic set up problems

Roon Basic set up problems

I have the simplest of Roon Set ups. An IMac in one room as the core and a MacBook in another as an endpoint. Both devices use Mojave.

Before they were upgraded a few weeks ago they were working fine. What music I played on the iMac outputted simultaneously on my MacBook.

Since upgrading, it’s a mess. Initially the MacBook would not play anything at all. Now it seems the two devices are independent and I can only get them to play independently ; not the MacBook being a slave to the IMac as I need.

Please can you give me a simple absolute beginners road map / guideline to set up my two devices in order that they return to being a simple core / endpoint combination.

I did send your Eric Stewart screenshots of each device as requested several weeks ago but have heard nothing from him since.

On the MacBook, do you have the complete Roon or just RoonBridge?

If you have complete Roon on the MacBook, then go to Roon->Settings->General on the MacBook. Is the core what you think it should be?

If you don’t have the complete Roon on the MacBook, then, of course, you must have Bridge

Does Roon->Settings->General on the iMac show the core as being on the iMac?

Does Roon->Settings->Audio on the iMac show the MacBook as an endpoint and is it enabled?

Are both the iMac and the MacBook on the same network?

Until the professionals answer your post, troubleshoot those items first.

If you want the two devices to play in sync, then you must Group them. Double click on the endpoint icon in the lower right of the queue screen.

BTW - Although @support regularly scans the forum, you will get more notice if you flag them in the body of your post (which I just did), rather in the heading.

@douglas_bayley ---- Touching base with you here to see how you had provided me the requested screenshots? I just checked my PMs (aka private messages) and I don’t see anything from you in my inbox :thinking:

  1. Can you direct me to where your screenshots were posted?

  2. My assumption is that “this” latest thread post of yours is the same issue I had engaged you about here, is that correct? If that is the case then I would like to avoid having duplicate posts about the same issue.


many thanks…its super frustrating…the iMac and macbook are now synced but no sound output from the endpoint MacBook. yet if i switch to iTunes i get music as normal. any idea why i get no sound output ?

I can’t add anything more than what was in my 1st reply.

I guess you checked all the things I suggested?

@eric is the pro here. He’ll straighten things out.

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@douglas_bayley — Just chiming in here because I think there is some confusion. You had opened this thread regarding the same issue that you have reported “here”.

We try to not have duplicate posts to avoid any confusion when responding/working with support. I have set this thread to close in two days. Please respond to my question in the original thread you had opened previously.

Many thanks!

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