Basic Setup Question for Mac Endpoint

this is a very basic question and I didn’t see it answered in the setup FAQ or searching the forum. I’ve installed the Roon application (not server) on my Mac and when I go into the settings/audio I notice there are two choices (see below) to select from to set up a Mac for listening. I have a Nucleus+ setup as the Roon server. My question is, what are the pros or cons of selecting between the two choices. I have just a plain Jane Mac device, no special hardware connected, etc. Any recommendations? Cheers.

I believe you need to enable both. CoreAudio to run Roon and the output to listen through you Mac speakers.

Thanks Larry but I’m not certain I believe that to be the case. Roon is running on my Nucleus+. I have laptops that work fine with just system output enabled. I’m curious about the pros + cons of selecting one vs the other for my specific setup. Cheers,

Mac Pro Speakers is the built-in output and this is the one you probably want to use. However, Roon will have exclusive access and control of the hardware device. With System Output you’ll hear system notifications and other sounds.

Here’s a fuller description.

Many thanks @Martin_Webster for finding this. Exactly what I was looking for. Cheers,

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