Bauer media radio stations will no longer be available on third party sites - including Roon

The link is a .pls file which returns a different token each time it is called. (It is actually the number of seconds since 1/1/1970 (the Linux epoch)). In the past we have found these links are time limited so it is possible that you can get a specific period before the token times out. Calling it again would give you another time period.

Some testing is in order…

Edit. Actually, the token is not needed.

I played the planet rock link for over 2½ hours without problems.

It seems strange that these links are ok, but unless some unforseen issues turn up I can add the links to Roon.

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This is great news, but I had been puzzling that one of our Roberts radios could play the Bauer stations without the warnings, and continued to play them when I could no longer do so via Roon.

The Radiofeeds URLs so far are playing over 60 mins without a problem…hope it continues.

Thanks @Trickydickie for sharing the link.

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Ok, I’ve added back all the Bauer stations that had been removed. I’ll try and monitor and see if they remain online for us. Let me know if I’ve missed any.

There are some local Greatest Hits Radio stations that also need adjusting. I’ll do these in slow time.

Thank you @Trickydickie .


I’ve now updated the regional Greatest Hits stations.

Just come back from 10 days holiday and decided to check my Planet Rock radio link before deleting it. Amazingly it is working again. Thank you so much Profile - Trickydickie - Roon Labs Community and Profile - BrianW - Roon Labs Community for finding a fix. Lets hope it keeps working! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, there!
Vinnie from RadioFeeds here.

I’ve been wanting to partner with Roon for a while to provide the stations in our directory for Roon users, but I’ve not been able to make any successful contact with the team.

I’d happy to give access to our up-to-date directory so there’d be little maintenance required by BrianW. Perhaps someone from Roon could drop me an email via the website?

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Hello @Vincent_Lo and welcome to Roon’s live radio.

Your suggestion seems very attractive - I’m pinging @mike who will be able to discuss from Roon’s end (I’m just a user).