BBC internet radio March 22

I keep hearing a message that internet BBC radio will stop on March 22.Does Roon have a solution ? The web tells me that Sonos TuneIn us OK.

I’ll tag @BrianW who will be able to help you, and I’ll move your topic to the Live Radio section of the forum.

Thank you.

And just FYI:


It would likely be helpful if you can provide the url of the BBC stream you are listening to when you hear the changeover message, and your own country.

I only listen to BBC Radio 4, which is where I hear the message. I will try to get the url

Yes please.
Are you using the main database version - the one with descriptions and stream listings underneath? Looks like this but without the high quality stream for non-UK people.

I use the version off the main menu “Live Radio”. This is the url.
I live in France if that matters.

That’s the old link. It’s not on the main menu any more. Try removing and re-adding Radio 4

I have removed the Radio 4 I was using but cannot find a new one.

Easiest is to use the Magnifying glass and search for BBC Radio 4 and scroll down

OK. Done that (not the most obvious route though) Fingers crossed.

Perhaps; I know there are various geographical, genre and local methods, but if I know the name I generally just type the name in the glass and go.

Your way certainly works, but I think it would be better to find it on the radio page. Thanks anyway.

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