BBC Radio 2 High quality stream not visable

As per the Title, I cannot see or play the highest quality stream on BBC Radio 2 although I live in the UK.

I have the highest quality for other National BBC radio stations.

This is what I see. Where as for BBC Radio 4 And others I have this

I can add the stream as a separate station. Puzzled…

I have the same issue with BBC Radio 5 Live too

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Ok, I think I have solved this by taking the region flag off these stations. They are now visible to me and playing well.

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It shouldn’t have been on - I’m sure I took them off a week or two ago because of the current bug.

EDIT. Also, you should have seen a comment to the effect of “this stream is unavailable in your country”. Not an absence of the stream.

Doesn’t make sense.

Yes they work perfect if I take the GB tag off.

Chris, Where is the “Region Flag”?

The flag is attached to a stream by a Roon Radio Curator to signify that a stream is geo-restricted. Only a curator can do that.

There is currently a bug in Roon affecting a small number of people whereby such restrictions are being incorrectly applied. Until this is fixed, the flag is being temporarily removed. In the case of the BBC, this does not enable non-UK people to receive the stream as the BBC will still block it.

Chris is a curator and removed the flag (although there is some confusion because I had removed the flag some 3 weeks ago).

I see you are in the UK; are you having trouble with the BBC streams?


Hello Brian,

Many thanks for your advice. I use BBC Radio 3 HD and Radio 4. I can now only use the MP£ 128 K versions.

Can you play .aac streams from other stations?
Do you by any chance use a QNAP NAS?

I can only use the Linn Classical and Linn Jazz AAC streams, I cannot use the Classic FM AAC streams. Yes, I do us a QNAP NAS

Then you will have been affected by the ffmpeg codecs problem in the QNAP. See

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Many thanks for your help. I just changed my Roon Core to my MacBook Pro and I can now use the BBC Radio 3 HD AAC option.

Kind regards,


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Yes, I removed the flag where I found it on BBC Radio stations I also added the NB advice on high quality streams being restricted. I can replace the flag easily enough when the bug is fixed.
A little house keeping…

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