BBC Radio 3 leaving third party carriers?

Something happening here…. Turned on Radio 3 last night and saw that Roon was being forced to modify the signal from mono to two channels! Also sounded terrible.

As I reached over to turn it off, I heard an announcement — interrupting the signal — to the effect that by mid-2023 the only place to receive the station would be on a browser or on the BBC Sounds app.

Can you look into this? Nothing comes up on Google.


All BBC radio streams are having the same message due to a change in the way that they will be broadcast from next year.

This has been noted before.

I haven’t heard any notice on the high quality UK stream, but have on the shoutcast stream. The shoutcast streams are being discontinued(See here) but it is unclear about the hls ones.

Interestingly, the MP3 shoutcast stream is now an aac one - with no change to the URL.

Thanks and sorry for the redundancy. The Shoutcast signal HAS been reduced to one channel, though, and the remapping doesn’t really make it……

Can you not play one of the .m3u8 streams?

It’s not supposed to be…

What does your signal path say?

The m3u8 stream (AAC 96) is two channels now — wasn’t last night, but the other is still one channel.


Where are you based? I see stereo on the shoutcast stream, both here and if I VPN to the US.

Los Angeles. For the long term, will you be able to access the new technologies that they want to use, assuming that there are no geo-blocking issues?

HLS yes; mpeg-dash, not at the moment, but I am not privy to Roon’s plans

As Phil Spector said: “Mono Forever!” … Seriously, I’ll just use the other feed, and wait for the switchover to HLS, which will eliminate the irritating interruption.

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