BBC Radio 6 - Metadata addition

Courtesy of, and kudos to, @alec_eiffel, BBC Radio 6 is now available with Metadata.

At present, this is only available when using the MP3 129kbps stream.

If Roon can identify the track it will provide clickable links to its database if you have a streaming service enabled.

Well done Rémi, and many thanks.

NB: this service is provided by @alec_eiffel who is a hobbyist of the community and not by Roon. It is experimental and therefore can break anytime.


Thank you Brian!
One caveat: audio stream is 50 seconds ahead of metadata. Can’t do much about it now, will investigate.

Brilliant! my favourite station.

Cheers @alec_eiffel

Good work shame I only listen you the higher quality aac stream the MP3 is awful sq.

This stream is unfortunately only available in the UK (geofencing)… It could work with metadata if someone sets up a server in the UK - as per my avatar, I am in France…

@alec_eiffel Can you pm me as to how that could work and how your currently implementing it I could see if it’s something I could host if it’s not too demanding.

@BrianW API returns no data today weird


I have now added a mechanism in Node Red to address such issues (latest metadata received would stick forever), but if it doesn’t come back will need to find another source of data.

It looks like it’s using

Perhaps that’s what it uses if there is no song info

Now that program has finished, the next, which has song info, has started and the api works again.

Yep, got it now, another implementation of “program/song mode” I didn’t know. I will fix the code tonight so that transition between modes is well managed (for now, only song mode is working). Thanks Brian!

OK it was easier than expected so code is fixed --> please check it’s all good next time there is a “program”

I can’t play any BBC radio station at all just now. Let alone 6 Music to trial this data
I can now play this stream but the aac HTTPS stream still won’t play. Am I alone in this.

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What if you add the http bbc6 stream?

Thanks, that link doesn’t work when I try to add it in My Live Radio.

It seems it’s all aac streams as well as https MP3 streams that don’t work.

But they work in Tidal? So not a codec problem - or is it?

I see your core is on a QNAP. Let’s ping crieke on your #support thread to see if he has any ideas

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Thank you. I had a QNAP firmware update recently and perhaps the issue is there. It all happened at the same time Internet radio went down recently which is perhaps a coincidence

This is fixed, metadata and audio are now in sync :wink:

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I look forward to the moment it displays the track info for six music on the 320 feed. I listen to it all the time and currently have to use my squeezebox to view recent tracks which is a bit of an inconvenience.

Hi Shaun it can be done as soon as
1 - we have a working link to an Icecast/Shoutcast server. @BrianW can you help here? 320kbps AAC stream is geofenced so can’t test from France.
2 - someone in the UK can host the code. A PI and a good internet connexion are enough.

Unfortunately, I don’t think so. The high quality BBC streams are HLS .ts chunked. Neither Icecast nor Rocket Audio Server will deal with these at the moment.