BBC Radio Playback Issue on Roon with macOS and Musical Fidelity DAC (ref#13EGRW)

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Bbc radio playback

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MacBook Air 2011

Connected Audio Devices

Musical Fidelity DAC usb

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Ethernet fiber

Can you expand a little bit on the issue? What about the playback is an issue?
Which station(s), of the the 50+ “BBC radio” stations are you having the issues with?


Can you please provide additional information about what the issue you are experiencing with BBC Radio and what specific BBC Radio feed? Also, how is your Air connected to your home network, what brand/model are you using for your router, and in what country do you live? Is this a recent issue or something you have experienced for awhile/


Hi, so sorry for the lack of informations. I’m a BBC6 Music listener from Italy, and I’m in Roon Trial from yesterday. I just want to test if I’m able to listen 6Music with a decent quality before start my subscription to Roon.
I try to listen 6Music with 320k stream but an error pops up: “Track failed to load”. The 96k stream is functional. I’m outside UK, I know, but with a VPN. I’m running ROON on a MacBook Air 2011 with Ventura OS. The Mac is connected via a Gigabit Ethernet with a FritzBox Router 5530 Fiber. Thanks for your time.

Thank you, that is helpful. Roon does not support VPN configurations, so that may be part of the issue. However, as you are able to play a 96 kbps track, the problem may reside in your network or it may be the link itself. Can you post the link you have for BBC 6 for both streams? I am based in the US and have access only to the 96k stream.

Thank you so much Robert. Unfortunately I’m unable to copy-paste the link from Roon, I attach a screenshot with the part of the 2 links that is visible. If I enable the VPN, after launching Roon, as you can see in the screen shot the 320kbps link appears, but then the streaming is not playing.
If I’m not on VPN only the 96kbps is available.
Thanks again.

The 96k stream link is identical to what I have. As I have only the 96k stream available to me in the US, I am wondering if your VPN may be part of the issue (that is, the BBC stream won’t allow the connection over the VPN).

Yes I think so too… there is no way to use the 320kbps stream…
Thanks a lot

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