BBC radio with 1.8?

Having updated to 1.8 have lost BBC radio channels. Not good as 50% of time spent listening to BBC. Help appreciated. Regards, Jon.

It’s likely due to the BBC changing their stream delivery, not 1.8


I’m assuming non-BBC stations work and any streaming service you may have linked to Roon?

I’ll move your topic into the Radio section, and tag @BrianW who will be able to help you.


In which country are you based (some higher bitrate streams are not offered outside of the UK)?

Could you try adding this stream url to Roon, and see if it works correctly:

Hello @Jon_Phillips, you shouldn’t have lost anything in the update, and the BBC streams in the Roon database were updated a while back to remove those non-working streams.

Are you using the main database version of the BBC streams or did you add your own? Which BBC channels in particular are causing trouble?
If you are using an old, manually added station, it would be best if you deleted it and added the database version.

@SimplicityCompass’s idea to check on other streams is a good one, although his specified BBC stream is already in the database.

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