BBC stations breaking up requiring coreaudiod force quit

Thank you. You try to save the planet and accidentally ruin something else. I’ve bypassed the eco switch so we’ll see.

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No radio drop outs since bypassing the Green switch to this point.

Jack - that sounds like the same problem I had before bypassing the switch.


That’s fantastic news @GraemeM, it does sound like the switch was the problematic component so glad to hear the system is stable since bypassing the switch!

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The topic I started is closed so can’t add to it so will continue here. The radio stops reared their ugly heads again. Restarting the router (Synology RT2600ac) fixes the problem for a while. I’m wondering if there is a setting in there that could be causing a problem?

Hello @GraemeM. I’m sorry to hear your problem has returned. I’ve re-opened the topic for you, moved the post here and @noris will be back to help in due course.

Hi @GraemeM,

Sorry to hear that the issues are back and thanks @BrianW for flagging me down! @GraemeM - If you try to bypass all of your switches and have the Core connected to the router, do you still see the same behavior?

Last time I checked logs, there were signs of more general networking issues and this would be a good test to simplify the setup and verify where exactly the system is encountering issues.

I’ve done some more testing. Removing all switches makes no difference.

Strange thing is if I reboot the router when the stopping problem occurs it will be fine for a day or so. The router is scheduled to reboot every day at 5 am anyway but that does not seem to prevent the problem occurring.

Same radio stations are fine played in Auralic Lightning DS app and Naim app and by airplay to the Auralic. It is just Roon that has a problem. At it’s worst radio seems to stop every 5 minutes. Do you have a process that runs every 5 minutes?

Today I noted stops at 6:58 approx, 7:11, 7:43, 14:22, 14;50, 15:42. 15:48?, 16:00?

Hi @GraemeM,

That’s interesting to note, it sounds like the router itself is dropping out in that case. Do you have the latest firmware install on your router?

What happens if you try to up-sample all of your content to one sample rate, does the issue still occur?

Latest firmware installed on router.

Upsampling made no difference.

One other thing I’ve noticed while having the Zones tab open when the stops occur is that all active zones stop and most zones in the list disappear and reappear within a second or two. While it is doing this the cursor sometimes turns to a spinning coloured ball if over the Roon window. If another zone is playing a locally stored or streamed album it will also usually stop but not always.

Hi @GraemeM,

Thanks for those additional details.

This sounds like the router itself is dropping these connections or you have a multicast issue going on.

Do you by any chance have IGMP Snooping or IGMP Proxying setting on the router you can try to toggle?

In case it is the router itself, do you have another one around the house you an try to temporarily use in place of the current one?

Router has IGMP settings. It has “IGMP querier timer” which is set to 260 seconds which is not far off 5 minutes which is the time interval between radio stops when it is at it’s worst. IGMP snooping is enable, proxy is disabled.

Hi @GraemeM,

Try this, have a ping test running in the background (to Google or a big provider) and see if you are getting packet loss when the issue occurs:

Been monitoring ping. There is no packet loss or slow ping associated with the radio stops.

Hi @GraemeM,

Thanks for performing the ping test. Next, I’m wondering if there will be any change in behavior with a fresh database in place. Can you please:

  • Make a Backup of your current Roon Database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Reinstall the Roon App from our Downloads Page to generate a new Roon folder
  • Do not restore from backup
  • Verify if the fresh database has the same issue

Sorry. Been away. Once I have done that test do I restore my database?

Incidentally when I view backup schedule it says last successful backup was 11/8/20 but when I go to select a backup to restore the most recent backup available is April 2019.

Forgot to ask if this switch works with roon:

The green switch was fried by global warming induced thunder storms.

Hi @GraemeM,

I would use a fresh database for a day or two and then restore.

Are you certain that you are selecting the proper folder? Perhaps there are multiple sub-folders, I would check that or if you have the backup saved to another location. Or you can also create a new backup as well.

While I can’t recommend specific switches, you can look into what other have used in the past:

If it’s unmanaged, it should work.