Behavior of Roon when live radio stream is unstable

Actually the stream of Radioeins in Berlin ( is unstable.

When listening through Roon the stream is still displayed as “playing” after an interruption, but the sound isn’t coming back after some seconds.

When using the KEF Connect App there is an interruption, no tone for some moments and then it is there again. Also displayed as “playing” in between.

I don’t know how to say, but could it be that Roon is not “pinging” the URL when there was an interruption to get the connection back?

Hello @Thomas_Forster , I have just played the station and also experienced a dropout, although my case Roon just stopped, it did not display ‘playing’.

Unfortunately, if Roon does drop a radio station currently it does not retry. The Devs are aware of this.

Hello @BrianW , thx for checking the station.

It would be great if Roon would retry after a dropout (best regards to the devs :wink:).

Strange thing is the Radioeins app on my iPhone was playing without any dropouts through the same network (via WiFi) when recognizing dropouts in Roon or KEF Connect (via Ethernet).