Have Live Radio stations automatically retry when encountering short playback errors

Actually the stream of Radioeins in Berlin (www.radioeins.de/livemp3) is unstable.

When listening through Roon the stream is still displayed as “playing” after an interruption, but the sound isn’t coming back after some seconds.

When using the KEF Connect App there is an interruption, no tone for some moments and then it is there again. Also displayed as “playing” in between.

I don’t know how to say, but could it be that Roon is not “pinging” the URL when there was an interruption to get the connection back?

Hello @Thomas_Forster , I have just played the station and also experienced a dropout, although my case Roon just stopped, it did not display ‘playing’.

Unfortunately, if Roon does drop a radio station currently it does not retry. The Devs are aware of this.

Hello @BrianW , thx for checking the station.

It would be great if Roon would retry after a dropout (best regards to the devs :wink:).

Strange thing is the Radioeins app on my iPhone was playing without any dropouts through the same network (via WiFi) when recognizing dropouts in Roon or KEF Connect (via Ethernet).

Hello @BrianW , is there a retry function added to Roon now? I still have drops from time to time when Roon isn‘t starting again.
Regards, Tom

Hello again.

No change yet to my knowledge, sorry.

Unfortunately, Roon Radio does not automatically resume after interruptions. that should happen, right?
Then obviously it is not buffered.
Tunein Radio shows how it works. if the stream times breaks off, Tunein resumes and buffering is.

It would be nice, however, I found this…

Surely the answer to that would be to set a time limit of say 40 seconds on retry attempts, once every 10 seconds within that period. After which the stream stops attempting to reconnect and needs manually restarting as it does currently.

I don’t think anyone, including the OP, is asking for streams to suddenly resume hours later. This is about immediately attempting to reconnect the stream after a short, momentary drop-out due to bandwidth or network glitches. Rather than dealing with the radio station itself being offline for an extended period of time.


That’s exactly what is needed.

Most days my favorite radio station runs well for 16 hours, today it has been 6 hours until first interrupt. But sometimes it happens every 2 minutes for hours and every time I restart the station it is restarting. So obviously there are only short interrupts, but if the buffer is empty it is empty.

I would say 30 or 60 seconds of retrying would be fine. I guess Sonos doesn’t do anything else.

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Any updates on this? Has it been bugged? This is by far the most annoying thing about Roon to me… if you look at the few posts I have here this is the issue I keep bringing up. I have a NAD c658 and I hate blueos but I have to use it for a lot of my internet radio because roon sucks at it. Come on just reconnect how hard can it be? Want to test it with a few radio stations that will drop after time? Bagel Radio will eventually drop, KEXP will drop. Radio is my favorite way to find new music :slight_smile: