Being constantly logged out from roon when login from laptop

Roon Core Machine

version 2.0 build 1193
running on synology DSM6 for more than a year - no problems

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired LACP 2x1Gb connection to core switch

Connected Audio Devices

2 x Roon bridge with DACs based on Raspberry PI Linux - no problems
1 x MacOS desktop - no problems (mainly used as a remote)
1 x MacOS laptop (ARM) - mainly used as a remote → P R O B L E M
iPhones and iPads used as remote, one iPhone used with ARC outside (not stable)

Number of Tracks in Library

not sure, dozens of albums
TIDAL Premium (HiFi, Masters available)

Description of Issue

All works flawlessly except:
I am being constantly logged out on my MacBookPro 16 Silicon. At the time of login several things happen. First, roon that is playing via bridge stops playing (even though it is live radio), TIDAL gets logged out (cannot explain why), I get email that new login succeeded from my real location which is fine.

When I rinse and repeat, that is start radio from my roon iPhone client to my the roon bridge I use, it plays fine, I authorize Tidal account, it works just fine again. So everything seems to get back to normal except when I login from my MacBook, it breaks everything as described.

It is paid roon installation, paid Tidal account, it is my IP address listed in the email.

I feel disappointed because I considered roon to be offline like tool (if I accept lack of metadata) and it seems that it is tied to some cloud entities that manage MY home, music and security.

I just hope that it is a bug not special are I did not ask for and that I am being given.

Keep up the good work and stay away of managing people lives. Just deliver service as you used to.


It sounds to me as though you have accidentally activated a second Roon Core when installing Roon on your MacBook? Are you seeing a screen that asks you to Unauthorize your Core?


thanks for the prompt reply.
I am not sure as I have the screen with choose your Roon Core and only one and correct is listed there. Green and ready. Of course I can setup new Roon using this Mac but never chose that option. When I click connect instead to connect to correct roon, it wants me provice credentials (it was not the case in the past when devices and roon core when on the same network).




I have disable VPN on my MacBook Pro I use as a remote for Roon bridges and it even did not ask me to log in to locally available core. Once logged in, I have logged in again and pair Tidal wirh Roon. Now it works. When I resumed VPN connection, it is still working fine for the moment at least.

So my question is, when Roon needs internet connection. How users that require VPN connections should live along Roon peacefully, what changed in recent two to three months that this unwelcome behavior can be observed?

I would like to stress that I do not have any intention of using Roon outside home, I have arc for that or many other method existing before, direct streaming, etc. not using Roon.
My concern is how and why use of of the many laptop in the house, the one that is mostly on VPN, can break whole configuration with termination of Tidal pairing being the most painful.

Best regards and thanks for the help



Not sure these are the same symptoms, but you should have a look at:


Hi Pascal,

thank you for looking into my issue. I have read the thread and it seems to be related to other problem ie. two instances of roon remote interfering with each other due to cloning of the system.

Here I have a problem related to lack of access to roon and while trying to log in (apparently successfully as per emails I get on new login from etc.) my Tidal on the core gets disconnected and roon remote on mac is still not logged in.
It is clearly a bug and to workaround that one need to switch off VPN (even at home) to allow the logging process. I wish it is fixed, I do not think it is ok if done on purpose or at least if this is part of Tidal/Qobuz licensing agreement or whatever the real need is, it needs to clearly stated.

Anyway, not wasting more of your time.
To summarize, if you have a problem of being logged out from the remote and your Tidal service on core end being disconnected, give it a try by temporarily disabling your VPN (even at home as this is the only scenario being discussed here).

Have a great day all


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