Berkeley Alpha USB (Fuse Type)


I need someone with a Berkeley Alpha USB to check their fuse type.
Mine blew this morning (2 years use) and it’s labeled FS (fast blo).
I contacted Berkeley Audio and the part number they emailed me (it’s not listed anywhere on the site/manual I could find) is for slow blo.
Real world verification would be appreciated by checking your fuse holder (mine didn’t have the usual spare).

Thanks so much,


Berkeley Audio: Description: 5mm x 20mm cartridge 250V .05A Time Lag (Slo-Blo)
Mine: F50mAL250V

I just got a reply from a guy selling his who graciously checked the fuse compartment and his is identical to mine.
So either Berkeley Audio changed from fast blo to slo blo or IDK.

IDK either but it is likely they changed from Fast to Slow blow to avoid nuisance fuse blows, like the one you experienced. Slow blows are better able to cope with PSU switch on surges without blowing.

It goes without saying that if you replace it with a slow blow of the same rating and it does blow then your unit may have a fault and be in need of service.

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