Best 10k system?

I’m looking to buy a fairly decent Roon-compatible audio system for my nephew - DAC, amplifier and speakers. No need for server for Roon core - he’s got that. I know $10K isn’t a huge budget. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don’t have a lot of experience at this price point.

Hi Uncle, it’s ok, I’ll just take the cash instead?



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Any useful suggestions other than buying him a Spotify subscription?

Tube or SS amp?
I just landed on a Prima Luna evo400, meridian 218 as the end point/DAC, and Dynaudio Evoke 50s. Really happy with this and through a dealer you should be able to stay well under that budget.

However, also running a Cary Audio AioS as an all in one in another room into Eastern Acoustic Works studio monitors. The Cary unit does everything and sounds really good. I really dont like anything about how it looks or the jnterface, but once set up has been seamless with Roon. Great price for integrated amp and DAC.

Just two thoughts to get you wheels going. Have fun!

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Soon after I graduated I bought my dad a $10k system…

I do things a little backwards it seems… :wink:

Anyway @Simon_Worrall I would get nephew a pair of Dutch & Dutch 8C’s


SS amp.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions. Are you using the Evokes for classical at all? He plays the organ and has a big collection of organ music (no comments needed, dabassgoesboomboom). So, looking for precise base without distortion.

Lumin D2 streaming DAC
Hegel H120
Dynaudio Special 40s (plus stands)

If he’s into organ music you might want to add a subwoofer

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He’s going to need a subwoofer! If I was looking for gift like that for a young man, I would look at the KEF LS50 wireless II with the KC62 subwoofer. Those speakers are small enough for a young man to tote around as he moves around over the next 10 years. The subwoofer is brand new with very innovative technology to keep its size manageable.


Thanks for the input on the KEFs, and I agree on the subwoofer. The worry I have about wireless speakers is the compression for Bluetooth. I have a pair of MX3 headphones for when I’m out of the house, and to be honest, the sound is great over LDAC - and the stage rivals what I get on my wired phones. I’m just wondering whether it’s like on speakers. Would appreciate your thoughts.

I’m not a KEF expert, but I don’t believe you have to use any of the wireless features (inputs or speaker interconnects). From the manual:
“The two speakers are already paired and will be automatically connected with each
other wirelessly (resolution: 96 kHz/24 bit). If you prefer a higher resolution
(192 kHz/ 24 bit) or are experiencing frequent audio dropouts due to interference,
use the provided inter-speaker cable (length: 3 m) to link the two speakers
(see chapter “Back Panel”).”

Good luck with your search.

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I recommend a Linn system. Linn Majik 140 or a 520 system.
Great sound for relative little money.

I’d consider:

A Meridian 210 as DAC preamp
A paramount A23+ as amp
PSB Imagine T2 speakers
Rel 212/six subwoofer (perhaps overkill, but given his interest in organ music . . .)

This system might not be sexy, but it would be musical and accurate, and would work for every kind of music

From some parts of one of my systems

RPi running Ropieee $100 (or if you need to run more than just Roon, a SOtM SMS-200 Neo $450)
Schiit Vidar amps - one (or two for monoblocks) $700 per unit
iFi iDSD Pro - an upsampling DAC and a preamp $2500
GoldenEar Triton 5 speakers - $2000 (your can buy bigger GoldenEar speakers, but these are the last GoldenEars that don’t have a builtin sub).


I’d recommend a Devialet 140 Pro, ~$5k, and Harbeth or B&W bookshelves with the rest. The Devialet is a fantastic integrated unit with built-in wifi, UPnP, Roon, Spotify, USB, and a respected phono stage.


I’d buy from Schitt
Amp - 2 Vidar $699 each
PreAmp - Freya+ $899
DAC - Bitfrost $699
Speakers from Magnepan 3.7i $5,999
Intel Nuc about $400
Allo Digione player $200
Total about $9600

But I also recommend this in a larger room. If your nephew is in an apartment this is not for him.

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I think this is great advice. No need to spend more than that, especially if the nephew doesn’t know what he wants. Why buy a bunch of boxes? I have these in my bedroom and use them with TV as well, so down the road he could use them in a second room if he wants to upgrade his main rig. And yes, more practical for a young and presumably more peripatetic person.

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