Best active speakers with Roon

Looking for a second little system in the living room… thinking about an active speaker solution… Devialet or a pair of kef ls 50s Wireless… any recommendations?

If cost was no object I would go with a stereo pair of the Devialet. Sweet speakers but big bucks depending on which flavor you choose. I have a pair of the KEF LS50W and love them. Listening to them right now.

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… well, it’s intended as a second system in the living room for „normal“ streaming and occasional TV/movies & stereo only… so I’m trying not to break the bank… probably devialet will be over the top… ls 50s seem a good choice?

A Bluesound Pulse 2 or Mini

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Will look into it - thanx for the advice

DynAudio xeo2 or 4. Although you would need something else to feed Roon in.


I like that - Dyaudio xeo 4s + Aries Mini or so… good idea as alternative :+1:

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KEF LSX, the cheaper and smaller version of the LS50W

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Genelec 8351 with room correction kit


Also the DynAudio xeo 10 or 20.

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Don’t skimp with Dynaudio xeo…go Dynaudio Focus XD…I’m selling a pair of the XD 200…moved up to the full XD 60…


Many good ideas - lot`s of stuff to try… any experience in connectivity (or related issues/problems) with Roon?

Yeah - I bet they are great - but this is only meant as a “secondary system” in the living room - so the recommendation is a little to heavy… trying to stay reasonable :wink: If I really want to listen seriously I have my main system in the music room :slight_smile:

Nice - but also a little over the top for the purpose

I would definitely go with the Kef LS50W, best speakers for the buck. They are truly amazing.

What did you end up with :slight_smile: ?