Best all-in one?

I got my NUC & installed R.O.C.K. I have my library drive cleaned, sorted, and imported.

I’m currently using an Apple TV3 with optical output as my endpoint. The Apple TV is feeding my Emotiva Stealth DC2 DAC (that I’m also using as a digital preamp since it has a remote volume) playing directly into my power amps.

I’d like, however, to get an all-in-one unit that has:

Ethernet streamer with Roon support
Preamp with remote volume
Power amp with 4-ohm load capability

SVS has one, but it lacks remote volume.

Who else makes an integrated amp with streaming, DAC, and Ethernet input?

Cambridge Audio Evo150 possibly.


Many options, including the Bluesound Node as a preamp or the Bluesound PowerNode or PowerNode Edge if you want an integrated amp. As @AceRimmer notes, Cambridge Audio has at least on solution, but Naim and others also have solutions. This will depend partly on your budget and any other features you want.

Have you looked at the Roon Partners page for ideas?

Well, McIntosh is certainly out of my price range…

Were I to buy new (a circumstance I’d prefer to avoid), my budget might stretch to $2k.

But the more I consider things, the more inclined I’m becoming to keep what I have. An all-in-one would be more elegant, but the rig I’m currently running is reliable, good-sounding, and paid for.

I initially thought that the optical TOSLINK connection between my streamer and my DAC was likely to be audibly inferior to a USB interface. But despite the fact that optical likely has measurably more jitter than USB, it seems to sound just fine - different, but fine.

In fact, with the equipment I’m using, the TOSLINK connection sounds not only slightly more dynamic, but also slightly warmer than my previous USB connection.

Who am I to blow against the wind?

I love my NAD C700 which is reasonably priced and plays lovely with Roon.

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Under 2k not a huge amount unless you look 2nd hand, especially if you want decent grip at 4ohms.

NAD C399 with BluOS board just over 2k and be all accounts is very good , then there is the C389 and others below this in the classic range. Arcam SA30 just over 2k

Other options are available such as Cambridge Evo 75, NAD C700 but may struggle with 4 Ohm load, same goes for the Powenodes from Blusound. Even the more expense NAD10 M10 and Naim Uniti Atom (just over 2k) may not have enough grip

If you go over 2k then your looking at Cambridge Evo 150, Gold Note Is 1000, Naim Uniti Star, Naim Uniti Nova, NAD M33, NAD M10 V2, Lyngdorf TDAI 1120. Probably more I missed.

You may get some good deals 2nd hand at moment.


If you extend to AirPlay, there are tons of options like Denon.

I’m anti-all-in-one because I find that I can hide a streamer (RPi Zero 2 W) behind a cabinet and keep a lovely small integrated with a built-in DAC (like the PSAudio Sprout100) on the counter. But I actually ended up adding an outboard DAC in between the two (in my case a Schiit Bifrost 2/64) in between the two.

Personally I think the compromise of putting a streamer in an integrated amp is not worth the cost in terms of complexity of the device. Others will vehemently disagree. But if I were going to break the chain up and I was only allowed to use two boxes that is where I would do it. One tiny commodity box, and another that does everything else except having networking equipment.

Arcam SA30 has dropped to about £1,900 (in the UK at least) now and I would certainly recommend it for Roon and music in general (less so as 2ch AV though it can do that).

Also have a Bluesound PowerNode and for the price its good, but is doesn’t come anywhere near the ARCAM for music output.

Above budget but …Naim Unity Atom , not sure about the 4 ohm Load, mine is the headphone edition

4 ohm yes but please specify what speakers. If 4 ohm and inefficient you will need not only decent power but current from the amplifier. If you’re already set on the speakers then the amplifier must have the potential to drive them properly. This should have a major influence on your choice of device.

Tried lots of these.
Lyngdorf 1120 is superb - hugely recommended.

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If you want in the streaming part only Roon, I would suggest the All-Ones from Hifi Rose (RS201 or RS520).
For $2000 it will be hard to get an All-In-One solution and I’ll think with a bit lower budget it’s better to use a streamer with a good dac included (for example from Matrix Audio) and use then active speakers or an additional power amp.

Cocktail Audio X 35.

Roon Ready amp

But the OP’s looking for an all in one after all, I’m led to believe he has his speaker of choice already as he calls out 4ohm amplifier requirements? Yes 2k is a challenge to do this, until I understand how much speaker he’s using it’s impossible to make a informed recommendation no?

4 Ohm impedance speakers are saying nothing.
Also the here mentioned Naim Atom can handle most speakers (and nearly all passive speakers have a impedance minimum below 4 Ohm), if you don’t want to make with them a party and have speakers with a real low efficiency.

We don’t know what OP’s speakers are again I repeat. Niam Atom is I’m sure a nice piece of kit, but at 3800.00 USD for 40 watts @8 ohms I’ll stick with my NAD M33.
My speakers won’t be properly controlled at 40 watts, just saying. Someone else recommended NAD C399 which is in cost parameter. Disclaimer: I am a NAD fan, value to performance ratio is high, maybe not as sexy as the Naim which seems like a good bedroom system choice to me. YMMV Have a blessed day my friend :blush:

Yamaha R-N2000A

Nice unit, what’s the price range?

T+A Cala maybe, we are lacking some info that could help narrow suggestions down such as budget, speakers used etc.