Best linear power supply for Nucleus now?

I too have the Keces P8, and agree with everything @David_Aiken said.
Well worth the money, but these things are all depending on the quality of incoming power and are system dependent so yes, YMMV.

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As long as you stay within the power specs of Nucleus, I doubt you’d be voiding warranty? Not sure though, so I’d love to see some official statement on that.

Sorry but some absolute nonsense in the previous replies.

Firstly, power is everything in this game. Adding a better PSU like a Keces, SR4 or Farad will absolutely improve the sound quality.

Never owned a Nucleus but I had two NUCs (Roon server and endpoint running Audiolinux) and they both really responded to better power.

Also on what planet does connecting a different DC power cable void your warranty? If you take a screwdriver and open the Nucleus then your warranty is at risk. Adding a different DC power supply. Firstly there is no way a manufacturer could argue that voids the warranty. Secondly, how would they know?

Many of the LPSU suppliers offer trial periods. Buy one and if you don’t hear a difference then send it back.



I think the warranty position is if a PSU is in spec, you should be fine.

Do the folks who think a linear power supply changes the sound have a DAC attached directly to the Nucleus? Or are you proposing that a linear supply on a computer spitting out packetized digital data is making your component elsewhere sound better?

Also there are only switching supplies these days, a linear supply is just a switching supply running at much lower frequency.


As with others on this thread, I use a Keces P8 and believe it has a salutary effect. As I employ the P8 to power my Nucleus (19V), etherREGEN (12V) and opticalModule (5V through its USB output), I am using it optimally. For those who question whether a linear power supply is beneficial for a Nucleus, it’s worthwhile to read the words of @danny back in February 2019:


@Nepherte Went back and read the Nucleus White Paper. It says they made the decision for using the wall wart to keep costs down, knowing that some users would want to use a LPS. So it’s OK to use a third party power supply.


BTW, I am using the SBooster BOTW with the Nucleus as a core and streamer into the DAC of my preamp and it sounds great. I can’t give you a comparison because I started with the SBooster form the very beginning.

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Adding a power supply does have a sound effect. The vendor of this thing „sounds“ much happier if you buy one. :sunglasses:

Apart from that: Nada.


You guys do realize that on the other side of that power plug is a big switching supply on the underside of the motherboard that generates all the needed voltages from the input DC.


I have found that linear power supplies make a difference on other devices in my network so I would expect at least a small improvement in sound quality if I used one with my NUC. However, 19v LPS products usually are pretty expensive, sometimes more than my NUC cost, so I have been reluctant to experiment. (NUC 10 does require 19v, not 12-19v like previous generations, I have confirmed.) Also, I only play over my network and not directly into a DAC over USB, and I wonder if that makes an upgrade to an LPS less audible. Have any of you used an LPS on a streaming server or are you all directly connected to your DACs?

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I did buy a Teddy Pardo power supply for the Nucleus. It does make a difference in sound. I hear a wider and deeper soundstage, quieter background and better dynamics. After listening for a few days, it is impossible to go back to the switch-supply. Everybody who cares about sound quality should get a good power supply.


Same here with the P8.


I am supplier of Linear power, PM me with your detail requirements.

You can use a Farad super 3 or a sBooster, that kind of powersupplys give very good results🎧


I use an HDPlex with my Nucleus. I didn’t get it with expectation of improved sound quality. I got it because I don’t like wall warts. I hear absolutely no difference with the LPS on any of the four systems the Nucleus streams to. YMMV.

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I had a HDPLEX 200 powering my Nucleus. No difference. Then a Paul Hynes SR4. It cleaned things up - more air.

Enter the Paul Hynes SR7 powering the Nucleus and my NAS (sr4 on Etherregen). Holy ■■■■■ Speakers disappear. Everything sounds more organic, real and in its proper space.

Good isolation equipment also makes a
Difference here but not like the ST7.


First I tried the Keces P8 and I was quite disappointed, wondering wether I preferred the sound without it. Then I tried the Farad super 3 and it was an awesome improvement. More expensive with options but it’s a really great upgrade. Moreover Mattijs Vries is very sympathetic and reactive


Same here with my Teddy Pardo on N+

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I built a NUC, initially running ROCK and transplanted it into a fanless Akasa Plato case, so conceptually very similar to a Nucleus albeit not as aesthetically pleasing.

I bought the Keces P8 19v/12v PSU and like Vianney was actually underwhelmed by the improvement. I’ve always been a fan of good quality PSUs as way of improving sound quality. I did actually get a much bettter improvement using an ISO REGEN with LPS-1.2 PSU on the USB output of the NUC as I directly connected my DAC via USB.

That led me to believe that the NUC was an electrically noisy device in its own right (it is after all a relatively low cost generic computer in a small footprint with a correspondingly high component density) and even though you’ve fed it clean power its added in a lot of EMI / RFI of its own.

However I too have purchased a Farad Super3 (for a Chord M Scaler) and its made a significant improvement. So if I went back to a NUC or Nucleus solution for Roon I would invest in a 19V Farad PSU.

I now run Roon on an Innuos Zenith Mk.3 and one of its key features is a built in linear PSU designed by Dr Sean Jacobs. So overall good, clean, stable power is always a good idea but a NUC fed by the Keces was not as noticeable improvement as I had hoped for given the price.