Nucleus linear power supply form factor

Would love to know a guess on approx cost of LPS before I buy a Nucleus + since the addition of the LPS will likely improve the SQ enough to justify a N+ purchase.

Surely you only buy a Nucleus + if you need it’s added abilities. Why would you buy one simply because a LPSU is being re less?

Any news on the Nucleus+ power supply? Availability? Cost?

Still awaiting news, in the meantime my HDPlex LPS is performing admirably. What do others use?

Any update on when the Nucleus LPS will be launched, Danny?

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You are mistaken. There is no Roon branded PSU. We ran into some problems, and resolving them meant picking sides in “audio religion” we aren’t interested in siding with.

This project has been on hold until we find partners who are willing to work with us on this – partners on both sides.


Small Green Computer are selling a LPS that they say works with the Nucleus.

I have no idea which side of the “audio religion” this sits on :slight_smile:

  • Linear
  • no public measurements
  • no listening tests
  • no explanation of why it “sounds” good

We could easily sell you similar stuff, but not with a clear conscious.


interesting. the marking on the nucleus power supply port (2) clearly says “19v”

it can range from 12-24v – but it likes 19v/65w. Less volts, more amps. More volts, less amps.

thanks for the clarification and additional information. looks like 19v/65w is optimal.

don’t know about optimal, but it is what Intel ships with.

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Hi, @danny,

Any plan for Roon’s own LPS to support Nucleus?
Or any recommendations for 3rd party LPS to upgrade Nucleus?
Bought a Nucleus+ recently and found this topic:)

@Kinlin_Chu @danny has responded to this previously. Currently, there is no Roon LPS for the Nucleus devices.

Some of the LPS devices that people have used are the Sbooster, Small Green Computer and Keces P8, which I use with both my switch and Roon Nucleus.

The first of these is 36W only and is not enough for i7, despite the TDP.

Thanks @Flashman, how about Teddy Pardo?
One of my friend recommended this brand as it’s famous for LPS.

What do you think of this -

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I recall reading someone here using it. If it delivers the stated current without much voltage drop it’d be enough for Nucleus+ from a specification point of view.


@Kinlin_Chu I only have experience with the Keces P8. There are many good options. As @wklie suggested, be sure whatever device you get has the right specs for the Nucleus or Nucleus+.

The P8 has the advantage of optional dual output, with the secondary output that can potentially be used for a router or switch for those who care about it. It’s higher priced though.

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