Nucleus linear power supply form factor

(Yongsang Pae) #1

I heard that Nucleus linear power supply will be available later this year.

Does it mean that Roon will release new psu replacing current SMPS adapter, or new Nucleus having linear psu inside the same box/case?

(Danny Dulai) #2

possibly later this year.

It will replace the “brick”, but it will not be a new “brick”.

It’ll be a nice form factor that will sit with the existing Nucleus case aesthetically. You will be happy when you see it.

(Anders Vinberg) #3

I already had a LPSU for my NUC that I use with the Nucleus, HDPlex — it is bigger and much, much heavier than the Nucleus :rofl:

(Yongsang Pae) #4

Do you have plan to make the linear PSU with
“Schuko” type power plug (CEE 7/3 CEE 7/4) (220v 60hz)? If not, please please please make one. Thank you

(Danny Dulai) #5

Why would you want a brick?

(Yongsang Pae) #6

In fact I’m thinking about buying a Nucleus(+) soon. In this case when new linear PSU from Roon becomes available (later this year), all I have to do is just to buy the PSU only replacing default SMPS adapter. It is a some sort of fail-safe for me.

But instead if Roon plans to make new nucleus having linear PS inside the same box, then I have to reconsider the buying timing (whether it is really necessary to buy one now)

(Danny Dulai) #7

You have misunderstood me. We are not designing a new Nucleus. We are designing a powersupply that replaces JUST THE BRICK, but it wont look or be like a brick – it’ll be a new “box” that looks good when sitting with the Nucleus.

(Yongsang Pae) #8

Ok, then, back to my previous question … Do the new linear PSUs you are developing come with Schuko type power plug(CEE 7/3 7/4)?

(Danny Dulai) #9

While I can not promise anything pre-release, we are planning it with an IEC 13/14 male socket:

Then you use a cable like this to connect to your Schuko:

(Yongsang Pae) #10

Thank you. :grin:


Any idea when this power supply is going to be available?

(Steve Schaffer) #14

Still awaiting this as well. Hope it arrives before the snow.

(Gary Aigen) #15

Ditto, and I’m happy with it. Look forward to more on the Roonlabs PSU.

(Eric LEE) #16

I use KECES P8 for my Nucleus…

(Vule) #17

Will a new Roon’s LPSU be produced and sold altogether with Nucleus or it will be offered separately as an upgrade?

(KB) #18

Hi, What is the latest on the time frame to launch the new power supply?

Personally, I would not want a fancy box since that would ultimately add significantly to the cost. A simple plain box that does the job and that can be hidden works for me.
But from the looks of what Danny says, its probably going to be far from inexpensive :slight_smile:

(dan baldwin) #19

Would love to know a guess on approx cost of LPS before I buy a Nucleus + since the addition of the LPS will likely improve the SQ enough to justify a N+ purchase.

(Greg Thompson) #20

Surely you only buy a Nucleus + if you need it’s added abilities. Why would you buy one simply because a LPSU is being re less?

(John Jonczyk) #21

Any news on the Nucleus+ power supply? Availability? Cost?

(Gary Aigen) #22

Still awaiting news, in the meantime my HDPlex LPS is performing admirably. What do others use?