Best linear power supply for Nucleus now?

With so much accumulative ‘noise’, it’s amazing that anything functions at all. Are we talking about DC-to-light noise, or specifically audible noise superimposed on a digital signal? Sorry, not looking for an argument, just having trouble getting my head around this noise problem!

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The noise will obviously be across the spectrum from DC to RF. But can be easily ‘seen’ with a spectrum analyser. Noise is in all electrical systems and is only a problem in badly designed ones. The question is that if you improve on the design of an adequate system with a quieter PSU, do you improve performance? In 0’s and 1’s, no. So it would be interesting (to me) to see what types of noise and where in the spectrum makes a difference.

Hi Mikael,

Out of curiosity did you fiddle with the sweep spot setting of the Hypsos?
And what’s the length of the DC chord? Read it’s somewhat short…


I am using HDPLEX 300W Linear Power Supply without any issue. I guess the reality is as long as it is stable and quiet. :nerd_face:

Not yet. I left it on standard.

It’s in a different room so not straightforward to do comparisons.

It would be helpful if they published some indications as to what the adjustments could be expected to achieve.

The cable isn’t long. You need the Nucleus and the power supply side by side or stacked. I suspect that is deliberate to minimise losses from the cable etc.

Stacked doesn’t look like a good idea, I know the Nucleus is rather cool but I guess the Hypsos could get warm…

On top of your feedback above did you notice a change in soundstage and dynamic?

these are available again in limited quantity - I got a notice in email from Larry @ HDPlex

I have had mine for several years. I power the newly acquired Nucleus, Nagra Classic Preamp, Nagra VPS, (not newly acquired) and I think my DirecTv box. No issues. :slight_smile:

Mine are side by side on a shelf in the cupboard because that’s where all the network gear is. The actual audio system is in the lounge.

Yes definitely better imaging and sound stage. I’m not sure quite how to define dynamics improvement. There’s definitely an overall SQ improvement that exceeds what logic suggests ought to occur.

It’s voodoo!!

Tks Marcus

Last question: did you try other PSUs like the the Ifi Ipower Elite for instance that sells for 1/4 of the price or did you jump straight to the Hypsos?

I went straight to the Hypsos based on press reviews and dealer recommendation.

Many thanks

Use a Beelink U59 to which I added a R-Core based Linear Chi-fi power supply. Heard immediate improvements seemed to break in over 100-150 hours.
This setup is mainly used for apple music lossless audio now that BR-20 Is Roon certified.

Hi Jeffrey are you powering your Nagra preamp with a HDPLEX LPS? Don’t you need those 12 V 1.5A Lemo connectors?

Yes, and you do. I decided instead of trying to source the connector, yes you can get them but there are so many I was not sure which one. I guess you could write Nagra if you wanted to know exactly which one. Well that was confusing. :slight_smile: What I did was carefully de-solder the wire from the Nagra power supply. This was easy and you just have to write down which wire went where in case you want to use it again. I had some extra connectors for the Plex which are basically XLR connectors. I wired them according to how the Nagra was wired in the power supply, i.e. + and - then wired the connector for the Plex. It sounds complicated but it is not.


Oh yes it is (more than it sounds!) I would never dare do this:-)

If you can solder, you do it. I also power the Roon Nucleus with the Plex too!! :slight_smile: If you lived close, I would help you but California to Athens is jus
t a bit too far to drive. lol

Would certainly pay for the cost of the Classic PSU but I am happy with it as it is :slight_smile:

Just watched a video trashing the power supply that comes with the Nucleus

Their recommendation was a power supply by Sean Jacobs…i cant spend that kind of $$$$$

Any recommendations for a nucleues power supply for a few 100 bucks?

Thank you

There are videos trashing all manners of things and walks of life.
The trick is to not fall prey to every tale out there.
The Nucleus is really just a PC, as such it requires nothing more than it’s supplied PS.

I think you will find there are far better things to spend your money on.