Best Multiroom Players

I’m currentley using raspberry pis with as air play recievers.
What you all using?

All Meridian here…MS200’s, MS600 and an ID41. All wired and sounding awesome.

So for us who can’t stretch to meridian zones what are we using? or recommending?

I have a Control4 system with an Apple Airplay with external DAC connected. It works excellently.

We’re hoping / waiting for SqueezeBox endpoint implementation ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

so airplay is ok then, not gonna lose any quality?(unless its above 44 16) i’ve got a raspberrypi allowing airplay in my kitchen through a cheap lindy DAC into a midi system.
What limits the amount of airplay devices? could i send to 4 other rooms?

@rolski How will be we able to play through squeeze boxes? will we need an LMS or just be able to stream from roon to the players? from roon to a squeeze box player would be stunning.

Hi Phil,
If you search the forum, I think you’ll find that the plan is for Roon to stream directly to any Squeezebox, but the details are of course in the hands of the “Roonies”.
There are dedicated topics here and here.

thanks, I’ll give them a read

You’re playing Roon on Control4 through an Apple device?!