Best Roon DAC + Streamer for ~€1,000?

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For setup2 I need a new DAC anyway. What I’m not sure of, is what would be the best option that would be the most affordable: a new DAC with streaming capabilities build in, or a Roon bridge device (like the ones you mentioned). A DAC with streaming capabilities is quite expensive right away, but is a bridge, i.e. Raspberry Pi + USBridge (?), with a Topping D90 DAC a high-end equivalent? I understand that with high-end prices can go way further than approx. €1k…
And what would be a good choice for a €1k DAC&streamer?

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I just came across this piece of hardware. Does anyone know if this is actualy in a way comparable with some high-end stuuf?

I’ve read many complaints on this forum about this device, but they were probably all related to WiFI.
Just a heads up.

A contradiction in goals.

Matrix Element I

Very nice! Thanks!
How does this compare to the Allo Katana Audio Player with a Topping D90? Any ideas?

I have nothing meaningful to say about topping DACs, as I haven’t heard any of topping’s DACs.
I do own a matrix x sabre pro mqa - which is stellar - and their after sales is great, very responsive. The matrix element i is Roon compatible as a streamer and dac and is right now in the process of getting the “Roon ready” qualification.

You can have a look at for more info on matrix and topping DACs.

Ni @noris,

I will have a look at the basics of a good Roon capable network. I didn’t know that Apple products are not suitable…

I was thinking, if I need to invest in a new dac or new DAC&streamer anyway, it might be worth buying a high-end, high quality DAC or DAC&streamer for my primary setup. My current Rega DAC can manage the secundary setup. Now lately, I read a lot of positive stuff about reasonably low priced, high-end Chinese equipment. As @BoyZonderman mentioned, Matrix Element I for instance (DAC&streamer). Or the previously mentioned Topping D90 DAC. What is considered to be the best buy for a DAC or a DAC&streamer for approx. €1000? And maybe (for ‘a couple’ of € more) an all-in-one box like a Linn Majik DS-i would be an even better investment? Just really curious what everyones opinion is…

Hi @Jumakisa,

I have spit your question over to the #audio-products section so you can get the best advice from the community.

I do not have experience with either Topping D90 nor the Matrix Element, but other Roon customers may chime in with their suggestions here.