Best Roon endpoint

Hi all,

I am using Roon for music playback, my roon core is installed in Sonic transporter and I use a dedicated desktop (optimized by a friend who is well versed with windows OS) as roon endpoint. I feed the USB output from desktop to Holo audio May Dac. I am ok with the performance of my system.

I am looking for options to improve the source. Options are to use DDC like Gustard U18 or from Singxer SU-6 and second option is to use a Roon endpoint.

Which one will give best performance?
I would like to use minimum components.
Roon recommends server and endpoint, if second option is better can you guys recommend a good roon endpoint?


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Hi, welcome!

Do you know what you want to improve on? What are the shortcomings of your current setup?

Thanks for the reply.

To be honest I don’t know. But I am wondering if audio performance can be improved or not.
I know in general people suggest to get a roon endpoint with a good external power supply.

In some forums I have seen people suggesting to get a high quality streamer. But considering the functionality I dont want to spent too much money on streamer, may be I am wrong.
I would like to know from Roon users which is the best high performing value roon endpoint .


I’m very skeptical of such claims because they are never substantiated with verifiable science. I’m quite happy with my inexpensive RoPieee endpoint.


I use an ultraRendu with my Holo Audio May KTE and love it. But, I use HQPlayer and the ultraRendu as a HQPlayer NAA and not as a Roon endpoint. It ends up being pretty much the same thing with the better sound quality that HQPlayer offers.

Note: The May is elevated to a whole new level with HQPlayer!

Oh, I don’t think the May benefits from DDCs…

If you can get one, Raspberry Pi 4 with either Ropieee (not XL if just an endpoint) or Volumio. A Allo DigiOne DAC HAT.

The above is cost effective and sounds great.

TBH, there are many options. It all depends on how it’d sound in your setup and to your ears.

iFi Zen Stream is another choice for simplicity.

Stick as you are of it’s ok

From my core I use a Dragonfly Cobalt. Sound good to me.

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If you want to improve SQ, improve your speakers, amp or preamp. I don’t think any endpoint is going to be remotly close to that.

In fact I agree that you will not find any SQ improvement over a working endpoint like a pi4.


I do have a pi2aes with me and I was powering it with Shanthi lps, only issue is too many boxes.
And was wondering about the claims made by people in forums about the improvement they are getting with streamers above 5K.

I want to echo what’s being said here. You seem to have a very good DAC, I don’t see anything that can be improved there that would make a difference for mere mortals. There’s also no improvement you can get on the digital side, i.e. before the DAC. The OS hosting the core and remote is irrelevant, while hardware only matters if you use heavy DSP.

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I also heard that holo may Dac performance is improved by using HQ player.
So do you use a high performance sever for HQ player?
I have not used HQ player at all.
If you have some suggestions to use HQ player please let me know.


Thanks for your reply.
Does that mean endpoint is the most important thing in the digital front end?

These are subjective claims, not necessarily backed by verifiable science. Most these claims will fall apart with a simple blind test. I stopped caring for such claims many years ago after I made biggest audible - and most importantly measurable - upgrade: adding room treatment. My belief since then is that the room and the speakers and placement make the biggest difference. Most modern DACs and amplifiers are really good. I stopped worrying whether my system is good enough and simply enjoy the music. If I ever upgrade anything in the future, it will be my speakers.

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I completely agree with this.

I also believe in - try before you buy.
A good hifi dealer will normally allow home demos of equipment.

I know speakers make biggest difference but of late people also claim that source is equally important.
People are saying audiophile switches plus linear power supply, external clocks etc make improvement in sound quality. Digital is becoming more and more complicated. :cold_sweat:

In the digital domain, the only thing that matters is the DAC - which straddles analog and digital. It’s been said already that DACs today are quite good and you’re very unlikely to be able to improve on that. On the analog side, the best way to improve quality is to start with the speakers and work your way back through power amp and preamp. Or, as @hacker19 said, you could start before that, with the room and speaker placement.

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It’s not. The complicated thing is ignoring all these claims of improvements in the digital domain that by engineering and physics standards cannot be true. Especially audiophile network switches and cables. It’s bling…looks cool…does nothing.


“Claim” is the correct term; nothing more than that. Digital issues have been solved for some time now; the “complications” come from marketing, as manufacturers want to keep making money on hardware. The only “source” that matters is the audio file. A good mastered CD-quality recording is all that’s needed.

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This might be of interest to you all

Darko’s podcasts are really good.

Darko, the ultímate audio scientist :man_facepalming:


I liked Holo May dac and no plans to change . I have decent speakers and integrated.
I am not planning to change Dac, speakers and amp at this point of time till I move to a bigger place.

I do understand about the importance of speaker placement and room treatment.