Best small SSD for Roon server (QNAP)

Using a 2 bay QNAP (TS-253+), with the Roon server installed on an external SSD plugged into the USB3 port.
Worked flawlessly until the SSD failed, and moving the database onto internal hard drives has caused performance drop and some issues. I suspect the SSD failed because I used an amazon cheapy, and it was not designed for constant NAS use.
Can anyone recommend a small SSD that is designed for being used in a NAS, Ive seen topics looking at large SSDs for storage and database.

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I believe you can’t go wrong with any of the Samsung SSD, I’m heavily using them in different computer setups (no music related, but with a much much higher read/write traffic than ROON will usually have) and never had an issue. As in everything else you (almost) get what you pay for so just to be on the safer side (since this is your main disc) go with something from the PRO series.

I do not know your particular setup, but it looks unusual. Hardware permissive (I know nothing about QNAP) I’ll go with the server installed on 2 SSD in RAID 1 (or QNAP equivalent) internal (native to the NAS) and the storage on the external drive (WITH a very good BACKUP strategy in place).

Or assuming that your music collection is not that big, then it can also go on the internal SSD disks (these days 1TB of SSD for example is not that expensive, but each one of us has his own reality to deal with and expensive is relative to that).

Check with QNAP, I am not positive, but it looks like your NAS can be upgraded, I think it has a PCIe slot, so you can add a QM2 PCIe M.2 SSD. My QNAP has two M.2 SSDs and the Roon Core runs great. Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies, much appreciated - just snapped up a samsung on cyber monday deals. Thanks for the tip @occasionallyhere . Had the QNAP before I discovered roon so was pleased that it met the minimum hardware specs. Its a 2 bay set to RAID1 with normal 3tb drives. Now the server is on the harddrives, there is a definate drop in performance in startup etc.

@Stephen_Horvath just seen the newer model of my QNAP supports PCle maybe worth an upgrade one day! (edit I have 251+ not 253). I use the QNAP more than I ever expected so may get one with more power eventually.

I just upgraded the Ram on my QNAP TVS 471 from the standard 4GB to 16GB without issue. That should perk it up a bit, it’s now running on 18% in stead of maxing out every couple of days.

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I just moved Roon core from my desktop gaming PC to QNAP. I actually made a thread about it since everything went so smoothly. It’s only been up and running for little over a week but everything works great. I guess it’s still pretty unusual to run Roon on NAS, even though modern NAS processors are more than capable for the task. I’m not sure how it would benefit me to have a separate NUC/Nucleus running next to QNAP for the same task.

To answer the topic, I did some google searches about the same subject (best SSD for NAS) and ended up choosing WD Blue 250gb for the task. It was recommended as a budget choice. WD Red NAS drives start at 500gb and 250gb is plenty enough for system files. I have WD Red 4TB as a storage drive. No RAID configuration here but I do sync my music library to the desktop PC and take another backup on external HDD every now and then.

I knew I wanted Roon as my music server, so in 2018 I purchased a lifetime subscription and a QNAP TVS-672XT NAS for the core and my library. I went 100% SSD to keep it quiet. I have 8GB RAM, 1TB Samsung M.2 SSD cache, 3TB Ironwolf SSD storage and it has performed issue free ever since I turned it up. In all honesty, I purchased the NAS instead of the Nucleus+, in case Roon went out of business, I feared that I would get stuck with a $2500 paperweight.