Best SongKong settings to use with Roon library?

I just finished my import of files to my new server. Still new to Roon. I purchased SongKong yesterday and wondering what the best settings are. I see a “Roon, Fix Songs” as a profile and then under duplicates there are a multitude of options as well. At first I thought it’d be a simple choice but I don’t want to do anything that wrecks the roon library. What have you found the best settings to be?

Hi @chance. I’m going to flag @paultaylor who wrote SongKong to get his advice for you.

thanks, @chance I have written basic instructions for use with roon here, thanks for your interest.

Thanks for the link. Eager to see the results. May I ask, have there been issues with the program stalling? It’s taken it as long to do the last 4k or so as it did the previous 50k. Looking at task manager it’s using 0-1% with 1,267mb memory being used. Under Windows resource monitor I don’t see any HDD usage. Is it ok to close and restart the program? Will I lose all progress if I do?

Hi, try cancelling the task in SongKong, it should then create a report for what is has done, if not running in preview it saves changes folder by folder so the 50,000 files it has processed should be completed.

Thank you for the response. Selecting “stop” didn’t produce any results. I had to end the task in task manager. Does this mean it’s starting over? I had roughly 59500 completed. I’m assuming those are still good but does the program run through each title again or does it do a check and move on?

On Basic tab ensure Advanced options are visible (by selecting Show Advanced) then there is an option called Ignore songs previously checked that could not be matched that you can check to get SongKong to skip over the files already processed.

But it would best if first from Help menu you ran Create Support Files so I can take a look at your logs and see if the program did indeed stall or not.

How does this exactly work. If it scans 50k songs and matches 50k but says it completed 1800 does that mean it wasn’t close to finishing or only 1800 of the 50k needed corrective action?

Of the 56,933 files checked 11 could not be loaded and 17 issued errors or warnings. Of those successfully loaded about 20% were not positively matched by MusicBrainz. The Not Matched, Errors and Warnings, and Not Loaded tabs will provide more information.

Not sure where you came up with the 1,800 number, but I assume you are running this without making changes, i.e. Preview mode. Personally, I wouldn’t work on your entire library in one go and would split this into smaller batches. In my experience, compilations are often problematic so I usually deal with Various Artists separately.

From that screenshot I assume you are not running in preview and it looks to me as if there is some issue saving the changes because usually the Saved and Completed bars are not so far behind the MusicBrainz/Discogs bars, I wonder if you stopped your Roon server before running SongKong or not ?

Can you give me some details on your system,and support files would be helpful.

I didn’t have Roon server running. Like I stated earlier it was showing 0% cpu usage and not making any progress after a couple hours of sitting there so I had to close it down via task manager.

Yes the fact that cpu usage was 0% but it wasnt doing anything and files were not getting saved makes me think it is a network issue.
What is D:\media, Is it a networked drive ?
Are you able to send me support files so I can look at the logs, otherwise I am just guessing.

I had it run again and it completed about 11k songs and said I ran out of disk space. It’s on my C: drive where it shows 800mb of disk space free now. I’m showing its using over 80GB of space. Roon backup is showing another 80GB(unsure if that’s related or not). Not sure where all of this space went or why when the files are on my storage spaces pool. The Users folder Sure I can send support files. Where do I pull those from and where can I send them to?

Internal database can get large and is stored in C:\users*username\AppData\Roaming\SongKong\Database*, run File:Empty Database it has no effect on your actual music files only used during the run.

You can remap to a different location on Windows is over 80GB so far. Is this some backup feature or something I need? Or can I specify for this database to be on my storage pool drive?

It did say there wasn’t enough disk on file for report creation.

okay I think you need to remap database to different location - How to move SongKong Database to a different location in Windows - SongKong Faq - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum


Getting this error. D:\ is my pooled drive.

I’ve tried deleting the folder i created on D:, SongKong, and running it as well as naming it other folders with no luck as well.

Okay I think the problem is you need to delete the C:\users\chan\appdata\Roaming\SongKong folder first, this step was missing from the instructions, I have updated document.

  • Copy the contents of old location (e.g C:\Users\chan\appdata\roaming\SongKong) to new location (e.g E:\SongKong)
  • Delete C:\Users\chan\appdata\roaming\SongKong folder
  • Mklink