Best streamer type / features question

Hi Guys,
I wanted to ask you a question. What would be, in your opinion, best adding value features in a streaming DAC. What is needed in software and hardware to be the “dream” streaming DAC.
I’m planning to get a DAC + streamer to approx. 4-5k€ and I wanted to get community opinion about. You can name the features or just give your proposals for a device.

Hi Abdul,

I own a Auralic Altair G2.1 and i can say that is am very happy with it. The DAC is sublime and the pre-amp (if you ever need it) is great. Lots of functions, great sound and even on WiFi it functions above all other Streamers an DAC’s i owned.



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Thanks Eric, looks really good. What software features, you would name first, that are best in it?

I have a lumin d1 and a goldnote ds10 plus.

Personally I do think these days the law of diminishing returns is never more true - feature levels are pretty standard - unless you desperately want to follow the numbers game of getting the dac with highest sample rates.

In my case the lumin is all digital has a interesting volume implementation and is totally controlled from roon or the lumin app.

The goldnote is your more convential dac/streamer - but also has a analog input and good headphone output.

Both are well supported by the companies with frequent firmware updates ( and both also importantly are beautiful to look at - imho if you dont like the style or look of the kit it may colour your long term opinion)

If you are looking for a all in one then i could recommend the lyngdorf 1120 ( i had the previous model without the streaming section… good amps and roomperfect was excellent)



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For me personally a good streamer must have this features:

  • Roon Ready (obviously)
  • Tidal connect
  • external storage connectivity (USB port and NAS support)
  • remote
  • large display for displaying album artwork
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity
  • reliable software

I guess you should make similar list and try to find a device that check all the boxes.

Hi Matt,
Thanks, they booth look good.
I’m looking for good support (it ain’t cheap stuff) and features that are new in the market. Well it is difficult to get to know everything in the market so I’m asking here to get inspiration.
I’m not maniac getting the highest sampling rate possible there is, just want to have good quality with support.

I would recommend the Lumin range of streamers.

They’re absolutely superb.


If quality with support is essential then I’d be looking at a Lumin streamer. They’ve been making streamers longer than most and they understand Roon better than most too. They have an engineer who frequents these pages and assists where appropriate.


I see their product line. I was thinking also to plug my TV with HDMI Arc to a streamer and I don’t see this input.

Is that input on any Roon Ready product? If it is a deal breaker you need to start with that and see what the market offers.

yes, this for example HiFi ROSE. I don’t know them to well but seems to be good product.

I can’t say how good a product that might be. I have a Zidoo Z10 pro with similar functionality but in terms of audio performance it isn’t there. And they are not all yet Roon Ready.

The NAD M10 (which I own) ticks pretty much all of what you’re mentioning plus more. Remote is to be purchased separately but you can buy any and program it to work (I am using my Samsung TV remote).

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If you want/need HDMI inputs, then the Linn DSM range might be suitable:

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  • Roon Ready

  • Plays digital files till dsd512 and 32bit/384Khz PCM

  • Airplay2, Tidal, Qobuz, spotify connect

  • Over WiFi and LAN with no noticeable sound difference (litttleless stable)

  • Great DS lightning app

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