Best turntable upgrade EVER

I’ve been a fan of placing a turntable on a shelf that is securely mounted to the wall for some time now and now this essential upgrade is available to anyone who is handy with a drill, screwdriver and level: Pangea Audio Vulcan Premier SE Turntable Wall-Mount Shelf

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And I have never had much luck with wall mounted shelves.
Just shows how our gear behaves in different settings.
Mind I do have a solid concrete floor under my racks which does help my case I believe.

However that unit does look nice and normal Audio Advisor Pangea great price.

Thank you for sharing!

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My TT will rip that off the wall at 35+Kgs

Your turntable needs to go on a diet :rofl:

May Rack is a muscleman and weighs ~70+Kgs and is holding up more than 100KG’s of equipment in it.

Concrete floor too. I have other TT’s of lesser weight and perhaps have a more interesting issue of little to now wall spaces where I could place them using a wall mounted option - but sure it will work for some if the wall has enough ability to support it…you a basically attaching a lever onto the wall and placing weight on it. Not sure I think this is a way to best do a TT tho :wink:

I’im using for my Transrotor Zet 1 and a thick slate plate (expected weight over 35 kg) an own build wall mount without any problems.

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Everything depends on how the shelf is attached to the wall. Ideally one would attach the shelf to the studs within the wall which would then make for a very sturdy and stable shelf. Of course, as you stated, having the wall space is the most important thing.