Best type of adapter

What kind of adapter would be best for connecting my laptop (USBa) which is my core directly to my amplifier? The amplifier has an optical input or digital coaxial

Some laptops have a combination mini-Tosklink/3.5mm headphone jack so they can output optical already. All you need is an adapter like this one:

MOBOREST Digital Fiber Optic Toslink to 3.5mm Jack (Mini Toslink) Plug Adaptor Digital Optical for Audio (2Pack) (

Some Toslink cables come with those, so you may have one lying around.
If not, you can use one of these: Cubilux USB A to TOSLINK Optical Audio Adapter, USB Type A to SPDIF Digital Converter Compatible with Windows Linux PS4/PS5 Lenovo HP Asus Dell PC Laptop Computer Surface : Electronics

Something like this?

Hi @Phil_Ryan,

The description on Amazon is not great, but I think that “cable” has a built in DAC and outputs left/right analogue on the RCA’s, which is not what the OP is looking for as he mentioned digital input.

@Steve_Webb, I feel a USB to SPDIF converter would be the best option.
There is a huge variety of these devices on the market to suit all budgets and AQ.

An alternative would be to use a Roon Ready or DIY (RasPI with Ropieee OS and Roon Bridge) network endpoint.

To help to hone the advice you get, what amp / speaker combination do you have?