Best volume settings for Mytek BB over USB from Sonore SOSE

Can someone please direct me to the sonically best volume settings on Roon, Mytek Brooklyn Bridge (or Brooklyn+ DAC), and Sonore Sonicorbiter SE (aka SOSE)? The options I have available to me, as I understand them are as follows.

On SOSE running OS v2.5
Volume Control: None (Volume 100%), Software, and Hardware
DSD Support: None, DoP, Native DSD, and dCS

On Brooklyn Bridge running firmware v1.44, network firmware v3.7.52
USB Volume: DSBL (disable), dB, and Win
Volume Control: Analog, Digital (I’ve not tried and Digital, and do not want to SQ reasons)
Allow (volume) Bypass: Yes, No
Bypass: On, Off

On Roon, running V1.7 on both ROCK NUC and iPad mini
Volume Control: Device Volume, and Fixed Volume

If anyone is wondering why I would use a network endpoint on a product (my BB) that already is a network endpoint, it’s simple. The BB’s networked sourced playback is limited to 24/192 for PCM and DSD64 for DSD. Going beyond that requires another input, the highest resolutions being only available over USB.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Oh… since this is really both a Roon/SOSE question and a Roon/BB question, I’m starting a thread in the Mytek subforum, and will try to direct those responses here.

I should mention, playing high res music over USB to BB from SOSE sounds shockingly good. Granted, I’ve got a jitterbug plugged into the open SOSE USB port, and am powering both the SOSE and the BB with an Uptone Audio JS-2 LPS. So good that I’d be shocked if a microREndu or ultraRendu could improve upon it much. But I guess that’s OT. Surprising finding though.