Best way of adding music files

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MacOS Catalina, Roon 416

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WiFi, Netgear

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Auralic DAC and clock, USB

Description Of Issue

What’s the BEST way to add music files? In other words, I know I can drag and drop files right on to Roon. But I want to make sure those files are put on my music server too. How do I make sure added files are in both places? In the past I’ve gone to Add Folder and then gone to my music server to find the music file which I’ve previously copied to the server. Or is that too much work? What should I be doing?

Hi @rickcarl,

Typically the best option is to store your media wherever you would normally keep it, whether that be on an internal drive, an external drive, or on a location over the network. You can then add that location as a watched folder in Roon by going to Settings > Storage.

Please note that there is currently an issue with Catalina that we are working on that will affect this until the issue is resolved. Please see this post for more info on that:

Roon Core + macOS Catalina

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