Best way to hook Rossini to Roon Nucleus system

I bought a Rossini and clock and am wondering what the consensus is on the best way to hook it up? Right now I have my Nucleus connected to my current DAC (Grace 905) via USB. Is the ethernet the way to go with the Rossini? I just plug the Rossini right into my router? Also I personally have found a cable like the audioquest diamond in USB or Firewire form to bring improvements that matter to me. Is an upgraded ethernet cable the same benefits you get from the USB or other digital cables?

Yes. You’ll get better performance with Roon via the network.

Yes. Assuming your network is functioning correctly then you just plug it in and enable the device in Roon under Settings > Audio.

Some people swear by them and cable companies have nice marketing. Most of the marketing that I’ve seen only proves to me that cable companies don’t know how Ethernet works. The only important thing is that the cables certify to spec (and most audiophile Ehternet cables don’t). All things being equal there’s a strong case for unshielded Ethernet over shielded as the shields can create ground issues that increase noise levels.

Prob best to get one WITHOUT shielding. Ethernet is differential, and a shield, although possibly useful in long runs, will instead be a way for common-mode electrical noise to get to your Rossini. BTW, it was John Quick who mentioned this to me.

Is an upgraded ethernet cable the same benefits you get from the USB or other digital cables?

For me (I have the same set), the Audioquest is much better. Maybe you wait and also have a look at the new Shunyata ethernet cable(s)? Just try them and make your own choice. Also try these fuses Better power cords ect ect…

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what is so funny?

so you like the diamond ethernet? Also since you have the clock do you notice an improvement going to a better power cord with that?

what ethernet cord do you prefer?

Each to their own, no offense intended. But to the uninitiated quantum fuses are a little, well hilarity ensues.


Blue Jeans Ethernet cable. Really good. Really cheap.

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Anything of decent quality that is not shielded - assuming you’re not using a 50ft run here… :slight_smile:

For me it is better. But there are many who have another meaning, so go to a good dealer and try a few cables AT HOME. Trust your own ears and not my ears, that is the best advice I can give. I use Shunyata power cables for all my components.

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So is this something you have tried or are you just making grand statements about something you have no actual experience with? I’m all ears is someone has tried an expensive cord vs their stock cord and said it did nothing and is a total laughing matter or a fuse or an ethernet cable ect…

So you’ve tried it?

Of course I haven’t tried one. I haven’t test driven a car that’s beyond my means or aspirations either but can still have an opinion on how silly a Bugatti is.

I thought that we were talking about ethernet cables. How did we get onto power cables?

Wow. This one went off the rails fast.

Original topic was the best way to interface a dCS Rossini with a Roon Nucleus and that’s been answered. I’d suggest starting up a new thread if a discussion on cables is desired.


That and if an aftermarket ethernet cord was something other users thought to be a worthy upgrade. That is where the cable discussion snuck in there I guess.

The problem is that when you start talking cables people feel as if they have to chime in with an opinion. Many think that cables make no difference. I am not one of them. I have experimented and heard a difference. But the guys that think that cables and fuses and any tweak is snake oil as compelled to comment. Ged is usually on point. Maybe he was having a bad day.