Best way to set up QNAP NAS for Roon

I am presently running Roon on a NUC with the Roon Core on M.2 memory. Database on SSD with actual music on a quite old HP server.
I am retiring the HP server and replacing with a QNAP TVS-1282 with three 8 TB drives set up in Raid 5. I would like to replace the NUC for Roon also if I can. I have installed but not yet configured a 500gb M.2 SSD and two 1tb SSD drives. If I understand it correctly the M.2 memory can only be used as cache. Thought I would set up with 20% overprovisioning. The SSD would be set up as Data Volume 2 but be part of same Data Pool as the spinning drives where my music files now reside. I would create a file called Roonserver on the SSD and then install the app through the QNAP app center. Does this seem correct or is there a better way to go?
Should I use QTier?
I find the QNAP terminology and processes difficult understanding. Seems they are geared towards IT professionals in a medium-sized business.
I like to get it set up and get performance on par with using my NUC.
Thanks in advance on any light you can shed.

I set up a new QNAP TVS-682-i3-8G-US NAS for my Roon Server. I agree with you on the QNAP lingo, which I guess makes sense to LAN administrators. Difficult for the non-IT home user.

I put a M.2 SSD drive in, which functions as the Roon Server. My NAS, at least, allows it to be set up as a usable drive. I forget, its probably 256gb. I have a 2T single SSD drive as my music library, which backs up to the NAS array. I need to provision for a cloud backup soon. I keep an external USB drive as backup currently. The other 2.5 bay I installed with a rotating HD for my wife’s mac backup.

Not sure if I added any useful information. The QNAP app works really nice though. I use it to keep track of 3 directories - RedBook, HiRez, and DSD file types. I also transcode everything in Roon to DSD128 for my DAC.

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Thanks for the reply. Seems like a more elegant setup which accomplishes what I was hoping for. Why convert to DSD? What DAC are you using? One of my Roon endpoints is a PS Audio Bridge and DAC which converts everything to DSD. Other endpoints are DSD capable. I don’t want to get into a discussion about MQA, religion or politics, but I assume that would keep Roon from doing the first unfolding of MQA files and MQA DACs from doing whatever they do. Have you listened to the same file with and without converting to DSD?

I have a Bricasti M12 streamer/dac/preamp. It has a discrete board to decode DSD, and bypasses delta-sigma altogether.

I have a mixture of redbook, DSD, and hirez files, so I simplified it to DSD output at the server. I used to use room correction for channel balancing, but my Dad’s old McIntosh Mc60 amplifiers have a gain control, and I balanced with those.

I bought lifetime Roon as soon as it came out, and still love it.

Got it. Thanks. Agree about