Best way to switch library from Tidal to Qobuz?

I have used Roon with Tidal for a couple of years now but have decided to switch to using Qobuz with Roon instead, as I prefer their hi-def sound quality to Tidal and don’t have an MQA-enabled DAC. I have hundreds of Tidal albums in my Roon library. What would be the easiest way to replace these with the Qobuz equivalents? Can this be automated or will I need to go to add each album from Qobuz individually? Also, when my Tidal subscription expires do the tracks/albums disappear or can I still see (but not play) them?

I just did this so I have a couple of answers.

The easiest way to do it is with Soundiiz - Transfer playlists and favorites between streaming services

I used the free version a few years back to go between Apple Music and TIDAL, and it was a real chore. If you use the paid version ($4/month or $36/year) it goes much more smoothly and gives far more accurate results.

Here’s the definitive guide: Definitive Guide: How To Copy Favorites and Playlists from Tidal to Qobuz - CA Academy - Audiophile Style

My TIDAL subscription doesn’t run out until later this month, so I can’t say for sure what happens to your TIDAL albums, but I’ve read here on the forum that they disappear. However, they should still be available in your TIDAL account in case you ever renew your subscription.

Thanks for the prompt response. This looks promising and potentially like $4 well spent. I’ve signed up and am currently having issues connecting Qobuz to my Soundiiz account - hopefully they will help me resolve this soon.

As I recall, it took me a few attempts. I kept trying, and somewhere in there I logged in/out/in of my Qobuz account in the Qobuz app, and I think I closed Roon as well. I figured it was a local issue.

There is another great tool “MusConv” which can be used to transfer all your music data quickly and easily from Tidal to Qobuz.

I did the same thing a few months ago. After 3 weeks, I switched back.

I was amazed at how many of “my” Tidal albums weren’t in Qobuz.

To expand…

If you have Tidal songs in Roon playlists they sons will not be replaced, it will just skip that song on playback.

If you have given your own ratings to Albums I think those are gone.

Play counts in Roon do not convert.

Many of us are hoping Roon implements some of this, but probably unlikely.


I used Soundiiz as well but a couple of songs, albums were not found in the transfer as they are not available in Qobuz. Soundiiz worked perfectly but the Qobuz library was a little lacking.

Yes, it is correct. After you end the Tidal subscription your Tidal account remains fully active. You can login through Roon and still keep all the linked metadata (play counts, favorites, etc) visible in Roon. Only, you will not be able to stream the Tidal content anymore until you renew your subscription. When you log out of Tidal in Roon all your Tidal favorites are removed from your local database. But when you login again they populate back into your local database. This is at least what I see happening in my Roon database.
I had quit Tidal just when Qobuz had been integrated into Roon as I’m a Qobuz subscriber for years now. I only miss very few albums available in Tidal and not in Qobuz. The important ones to me I purchased as CD and put local after I left Tidal.