BETA Release RoPieee for Raspberry Pi 5

Hi all,

I’m excited to announce the beta release of “RoPieee for the Raspberry Pi 5” device!

This release brings RoPieee’s full functionality, except one open issue: screen rotation isn’t working (yet).
I would love to hear from you how things are going so I can include the Pi 5 ‘officially’ with RoPieee’s next release.

Here’s the link for the installation image:



ooops… for those that already downloaded the image: it was the wrong one :joy:

That’s been corrected, so make sure you’ve got the image with the ‘2024.3.90’ in its name.


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Hi Harry,

Should I run to the store and buy 4 new Pi5’s to replace my Pi4’s? What are the big benefits for the Pi5 over the Pi4?

(btw = thanks for the great software!)

Don’t. The PI 5 does not bring anything new or better on the audio front.
The only reason I want to support it is because this is the new generation and as such there will become a moment that it might be better to get than the Pi 4.

Somewhat related: I do advice a Pi 4 in favour of a Pi 3 because of a (much) better USB implementation, but obviously that only counts if you have an USB DAC.

So I suggest you enjoy your Pi 4’s :wink:




I have downloaded and made an bootable card, but it will not boot. What do I wrong ?

same here
Raspberry Pi5, microSD 16GB, balenaEtcher win 64. Did it twice. no boot

@Jim_Midtun and @artemmarius ,

Can you try again with this image:


It worked, thank you very much!

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Stopped at U-boot

Can you take a picture?

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My one doing the same, same as Jim’s pic.

Ok figured out what was failing, if HDMI cable attached to Pi5 port it will fail on boot hanging on U-Boot screen. Removing this cable will see it successfully complete setup. Working now.


Uh… There not more information on the screen?

No, black screen with this logo

@spockfish No, nothing more then U-Boot on the screen.
But, as @Gabe_Rijpma explained: you shouldn’t connect an HDMI-cable.
When no HDMI-cable is connected, then the RPI5 boots normally.
So, when boot for the first time, no HDMI-cable may be connected.
After the first boot, the HDMI-cable may be connected without problems: the RPI5 will boot anyway.
Thank you Harry for this release for the RPI5, Frank.

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So to be clear:

Having HDMI connected during initial boot (the first time) is causing problems. Pulling the cable makes the installation continue. After the installation is completed the HDMI is not causing any problems.

Is this correct?


@spockfish 100% correct.

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Thanks for the reposted updated version, Harry. I was having the same problem with no boot up and wondering if I had gone mad or missed something obvious, but now no more problem and it is working fine so far. Looking forward to test if the onboard wifi on the Pi% is better and means not requiring a USB antenna. Donation made today by Paypal (ID ending **553T) hopefully coming through very soon (!). Keep up the great work and looking forward to the official release.

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Hi, now I have the system up an running. I also had to disable the HDMI cable and then it booted up normally. Thanks !

I have problem with my display it only show that the system is up and running. What am i doing wrong here ? The setup sgows that display is detected…