Better deal on Tidal?

Has anyone managed to negotiate a better deal with Tidal since Apple and Amazon have shifted their pricing and value? They must know how uncompetitive they are at this point.

I’ve had Tidal’s top tier since way back, but at this point it just fills in Qobuz’s gaps within Roon. I find it harder and harder to justify each day…

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Better than Best Buy? Qobuz is the one I keep trying to get to reduce their price.


$12.49/mo on yearly plan with Qobuz but Tidal cost $20.

Didn’t realize Best Buy sold subscriptions. Looks like I can save a lot of money. Thanks for the tip @Jim_F


I just canceled my monthly Tidal (via Plex) and bought a year for $99 from Best Buy. Was able to apply the activation to my current account and now I’ve gone from paying $20/mo to effectively paying $8/mo. Saving 12 bucks a month!

Amazing! Thanks for the heads-up. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone else paying monthly for Tidal to buy a 12mo activation code from BB. I was set back up and configured within minutes.


How did you manage to apply the activation code to your current account? I have been trying to do that for the last 30 min. with no luck.

I first had to cancel my current subscription (it was up for renewal tomorrow anyway). Then I was able to apply the activation code. It let me apply the activation code to my existing account/email and I retained all my settings and information.

Now I’m essentially paying around $20/mo (~$250/yr) for Qobuz+Tidal. I can live with that.

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Only other way is to see if you qualify for their LE/first responder/military discount. $11.99/mo.

But it is not as good as the deal described above. so BB looks like the “best” option.


Thanks for the response. I canceled mine too but it isn’t due for renewal until the end of the month. When I tried to apply the activation code it told me I wasn’t eligible. I will contact them before the end of the month to try and resolve

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I think you can apply the activation once your account expires. Mine doesn’t expire until tomorrow but it let me apply. One thing is I had to wait just a bit after I cancelled before it would actually show as cancelled (maybe 15 min) and then let me apply. Prior to that mine also said I was “not eligible”.

Good luck…I’m sure you’ll get it worked out. Happy to help if I can.

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Thanks. Good suggestion. I will try again tomorrow and report back.

1 Like managed to negotiate 2 year memberships for 200 euros last july.

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How did this work out for you? Were you able to maintain your existing Tidal playlists and content?

I can justify keeping Tidal @ $10/month. But if I lose my playlists and content, I’m off to Apple Music’s new service…



Yup, i just did that: it’s called Qobuz!

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I have Qobuz too, but unfortunately, there are some fairly big holes in their library still. Getting better all the time though.

Well, depends how do you see the whole thing. I’m using the streaming only for casual listening, including in the car and mostly for discovery, not for collecting. So whatever i don’t find in Qobuz (but it’s on Tidal) I prefer to buy it (if i really like it, otherwise doesn’t matter anyway), hence why i don’t really see any value in keeping multiple streaming alike services (Primphonic for example is in another league and brings some other value for me, though i can mostly find the same music somewhere else) .

And just keep in mind that whatever is today on Tidal tomorrow may not be there anymore (regardless if it is or not on other services) so seeing a streaming service as a collector tool it’s a futile exercise in the long term, so why pay for two of them?


I’m hybrid. Half my library is local and maybe half is streaming. Sometimes I use the streaming version of something I own (maybe a nice remaster etc) rather than rebuying.

Also I use Tidal as well for discovery as some new albums do not come to Qobuz. At 20/mo for Tidal it’s questionable value, but at now 8 dollars per month for TIdal (12 month from Best Buy) it’s less than the price of one CD from Amazon, etc. I still buy physical music as well. Yeah, I have a sickness. :slight_smile:


Sorry if I am preaching to the choir here, but if you are just moving from one Tidal account to another (or to/from any other service), there are a few services out there that can do the heavy lifting for you in transferring playlists, favourites etc. I use About Us - Soundiiz. It’s not perfect, but does a fairly good job :+1:

I appreciate that info; I may have to use it.

It’s more than playlists. I have hundreds of albums “favorited” on Tidal and dozens downloaded to my devices.

The big issue is how incredibly well Tidal has done lately in tracking what I’ve listened to: Monthly Mix. And in generating suggestions of other artists I might like. I listen to standalone Tidal a lot more than I’ve listened through Roon, mainly because of the portable devices I use.

If I use the Best Buy plan, the savings would pay for a year of Roon. I like that. But Roon without my Tidal Favorites would be exactly the same as my Apply Music (iTunes) library and cause me to re-think my whole listening at home experience.

Thanks for the info though. 'preciate it.


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There shouldn’t be any reason that you can’t keep your account. I was able to transfer to the Best Buy payment and all of my history and playlists are fully intact in Tidal and nothing has changed in Roon. The key is you can’t have an active paid subscription. You don’t have to delete your account, but you need to end your subscription.

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