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Nucleus - Accuphase USB - After Update my HiRes is down to 24/16
Why is that. No lossless anymore.

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Source: google mesh Nucleus IPad

**Network Details:google mesh
No lossless since update

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There is a setting in device set up where you set the “maximum bits per sample” and I am thinking that maybe it got changed somehow during the update? That is my best guess

Hi, Thank you for youre Advice. No, it isnt. i made a complete reset of my nucleus. now lossless is back. problem solved. BUT, found out that my backup on dropbox is useless for restoring my library. :frowning: rgds

I am glad you got the bit depth figured out, but that is too bad about the Dropbox backups. What is going on with that? I can try to help if you like

Hi @augery58

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

Can you clarify what you’re seeing when you try to use Dropbox backups to restore your library?

We recommend downloading the backups from dropbox locally and not restoring directly from Dropbox. There are API limitations that cause this process to be slower and can sometimes fail because of this.

Hi Dylan
Thanks for the Support. I did download my Backup to a external drive. But, how i can find the drive to reinstall my backup, now? reds Gery

How are you? Thanks for the offer to help. Took me a while to get back. Well, i did download the backup folder from drop box to my external drive, connected to my mac. But!! Now i can not find a way to reinstall the backup. All the advices in the forum are confusing to me. it can’t be so difficult, i guess. kind regards

I am well. How are you doing? To reinstall the backup you do it in Roon once you have it up and running. You go to settings, then to backups. Then you select “Browse…” from the third option “Find Backups”. Then you go to your Roon Backups folder by pointing Roon to wherever you have it. Then open the “Roon Backups” folder. At the bottom of the window hit “Select This Folder” and a new window will pop up that is called “Backup Manager” that lists the most recent backups and shows the date it was made. Select the most recent one and click on “Restore” and Roon will restore your database from that backup.

Well… that would be easy with the old backups i have made on dropbox… but now it is on a new location and i don’t know how to get there. i get stucked right here:

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Well… that would be easy with the old backups i have made… but now it is on a new location and i don’t know how to get there.

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In a previous post it says you have the external drive with the backup connected to your Mac, but if you are still using the Nucleus the external drive should be connected to it

oh realy… ill try that. thanks AOD

You are right… i found the folder. but when i want to restore the message: restore failed, check the folder… i am afraid the folder did get damaged somehow…

well, i guess i have to start all over again. i stay positive cause a new start always gives new chances and new perspectives. thanks a lot for you’re help. regards from switzerland

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Oh really? That is too bad, I am sorry to hear that. Glad you are staying positive though!

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