Bit Perfect Help

I have a mac mini (2012) and would like to install Bit Perfect but what I really want is just to make the Mini a Roon endpoint to drive a dac. I don’t want a server and most definitely DONT want iTunes runing or touching my music. Is Bit Perfect capable of being separated from iTUnes?

Any other way of making the mini an endpoint?

I’m confused. Is “Bit Perfect” a product? In any case, you can use the Mac Mini as an endpoint for a DAC that can deliver bit perfect digital files to your playback system. Simply install the Roon Bridge software (from following link related to Mac operating system).

You’ll still need a SERVER somewhere on your network running the Roon Server software with your files accessible to that server. Or you can have the roon server, control, and endpoint software all installed on the Mac Mini, with a DAC attached to Mac Mini.

Either way, iTunes has nothing to do with any of this.

Thanks. I’m just trying to ascertain whether there is software…other the Roon, that makes a Mini a better end point. I am using Roon, love Roon. That’s not what the question is about. Bit Pertect is a software package recommended to run on Minis by Paul McGowan of PS Audio. I suspect its a precurser to Roon.

RIght now it appears you take a Mac Mini, install Roon, and you get the best USB output its capable of. It it really that easy?

Yes. But if you have money burning a hole in your pocket there’s lots of audiophool snake oil products available for sale.

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I don’t think there is any software that makes Roon a better endpoint for your Mac mini. Roon is solid as it is and does send a bit perfect signal.

If you use the Mac mini directly with your setup it will work as both the server and the endpoint. I would argue that there is things you can do to get better sound reproduction, but none of these options include any additional software as far as I know.

BitPerfect works with iTunes, not Roon. You don’t need it with Roon.
As suggested, just install Roon or Roon Bridge on your Mac Mini