BitDefender antivirus attacks (quarantines) Roon Server install - Aarg

Reasonable new user to Roon, so sorry if this general topic is covered somewhere I have not found yet.

Opened up my Roon (control) player this am. It said there was a new update (298 to 300, to both client and Core), so I clicked install. Then everything starting falling apart.
Could not connect (Control to Core), so looked at Core (right-click) on the server (Windows 10 server acting as Music server), it said “Corrupt build”? Looked at Roon support forum, found a post from 2016 that said do a re-install. So I downloaded the latest build from Roon (which is still 298). Re-installed. Core would not even start on the server? Hmmm.
Did another Core re-install. This time right-click said ‘running’. OK. Opened my Roon player (Control) on my working PC. Connected, but as though it was starting from new install by asking for my Core server music folder and Tidal credentials.
Went to look at Core on the server. Not running anymore? Tried to start it. File not found?
Checked the log file in the RoonServer/Logs directory. Mentioned missing files?
Checked BitDefender (Internet Security 2018) log. Full of files from RoonServer directory saying quarantined (looked like pretty much every file in RoonServer software).
Wow. Never seen so many files, text based and DLL files all quarantined by BitDefender?

I have manually restored each of the files from BitDefender quarantine (maybe around 70 or 80 files, bit confusing as both the 298 and 300 versions triggered finally and both are required since a new install is 298 which auto updates to 300) and whitelisted RoonServer.exe. RoonAppliance.exe and RAATServer.exe, but even after this and rebooting the server Roon Core would not run.
So I disabled BitDefender ‘Advanced Threat Defense’; ‘Vulnerability’ and ‘Safe Files’ and reinstalled Roon Core (RoonServerInstaller64.exe) again. It started OK and kept running. The logs showed that 298 auto-updated to 300, which then required a Roon Core restart.
Started my Roon Player (Control) which started straight away (did not have to select the ‘Core’ this time) but could not see Tidal, so I had to log in via Settings/Services.
All up and running again so far.

It would be good to see some section or set of posts somewhere which described how to deal with AntiVirus/Security (AV) software configs. Roon installs to a slightly unusual place under the user ‘AppData/Local’ so is more likely to trigger AV software reactions. So I think you ought to have some section somewhere which helps users (unless I missed it?). Do you register your application with all the main AV vendors? What is your policy on this?

I did not find any documentation of Roon Core, installation, backups, etc. Maybe we use the forums for help?
Fine. But we probably need an easier way to find info on common problems. Any help/pointers or links to info. appreciated.

I just ended up moving away from Bitdefender. As much as I was actually enjoying the service it was not able to avoid this on Roon or Zwift which I rely on quite regularly. Back to Windows Defender which has been just fine … no conflicts.

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I had been using AVG for years. But, finally got fed up when they switched products on me without warning. Dropped it and have been using Defender since.

I’ve just ditched Bitdefender after three or four years of use. I never had a problem with it and Roon but since they released the 2018 version I’ve had general issues with it. It got much worse after the Fall Creators Update. Bitdefender would just stop working and sometimes required a reboot.

I switched to Avast free. So far so good…

Bitdefender is working great here. I haven’t had any problems with it.

I was using Windows Defender before and it was definitely worse. It used massive amount of CPU, making the fans spin with full speed for hours each day. Bitdefender is using much less CPU and the computer is staying cool and quiet all the time.

My wife has Bitdefender on her machine. I installed it at the same time as I did mine. She’s had no problems with it at all. No idea why it should be different though.