Bitstream Output via HDMI

Dear Roon Team,
Why is it not possible to program the Nucleus + in such a way that it outputs the data via HDMI bitstream (Stereo + MCH). The Oppo can do that!! DSD extremely well !! Then all the AVR owners could have perfect sound without an extra DAC ?? My Denon 7200WA works great!!also with the Oppo 203. Only unfortunately no MCH via Roon! I don’t want to spend thousands of euros on additional devices that can do this via Roon. Is there any hope for me at some point ???
Kind regards Willy (2xlifetime)

Hey Willy, welcome to the community! I’m not so sure I understand the request – Nucleus supports stereo and multichannel over HDMI, and Roon supports multichannel. Have you given it a shot?

Thank you, Kevin

But my question was to send via HDMI bitstream signal like an Oppo and not PCM like Nucleus!!
I hope you understand now.

From a PC, you will get from HDMI out PCM, dts, DD and AAC in multichannel.
DSD isn’t working, because there are no drivers available and so it’s not problem in Roon.
I’m using for multichannel DSD an endpoint with a Windows roonbridge on it and the Okto Research DAC 8 PRO connectEed with USB and using ASIO.

Hi Burkhardt,
Thank you . But then I need a lot of stuff & money. My question is, if the signal come via bitstream out of the nucleus via HDMI (maybe same way like an oppo 203) my receiver Denon AVR 7200 can do the rest!! the oppo send the signal in bitstream and my receiver handle all dsd in stereo & mch stream without PCM conversion in the oppo!!! This is the reason why I ask the team or is oppo the holy gral and will never found again??? Best wishes Willy

This issue has discussed over and over…
And again: HDMI devices on PCs (your Oppo or my CA players have closed drivers for this included) are not able to give out DSD and Roon can’t change there anything.

By the way: Your AVR will resample DSD to PCM, if you’re using any DSP or volume control in the digital area and so it’s not a problem let Roon resample DSD to PCM.

Thank you again.
By the way I don’t use DSP or volume contol in the digital area.
I have these questions because I think when the oppo outputs the signal, the sound on the receiver is simply better! I think it is a bit worse (different) about the HDMI output of the Nucleus!! I’m just very happy with the sound via oppo, roon only works in stereo via oppo, that’s why I ask that stubbornly, roon says it’s up to oppo and unfortunately there is nothing new (firmware or the like). So if roon doesn’t change anything on the RAAT, I have no prospect of roon mch via oppo, but only via the nucleus or others. But thanks for the information

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